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UAL Data File Requirements


Each data file that you wish to load into Aria using UAL must meet the following criteria:

  • Each data file must be a plain text file.
  • Each data file must match the structure of your configuration file.
  • Each data file must have a unique file name. Once Aria has loaded a data file, another data file with the same file name cannot be loaded again.
  • The data file name cannot contain spaces.
  • Each column of data must be delimited by a comma (“,”) or the "pipe" character (”|”).
  • Delimiters must be used consistently throughout each file.
  • The data file cannot contain both commas and pipe characters as delimiters in the same file.
  • The data file should not include column headers, as these are understood by Aria in the context of your configuration file that you set up.
  • The data file must be posted on an FTP server that is accessible by Aria's web servers, so that Aria's UAL batch process can automatically retrieve the data file.
  • The data file should not include a client number or authorization key, as these are understood by the system in the context of the UAL entry in Aria’s database.
  • The data file must contain a valid account and other data appropriate for the environment in which it will be loaded.
    • For example, in the Stage Future environment, if an account in a data file does not exist or a usage type does not exist in Stage Future, Aria will not record the usage for that account or usage type.
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