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UAL Configuration File Construction


The UAL configuration file is an XML file that defines the columns and the column order within the data files that are loaded into Aria. It is necessary to set up a configuration file for each API call that you want to use for loading data into Aria.

Below is a sample XML format of a UAL configuration file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

The definitions below describe the XML format for the above UAL example configuration file:

XML Parameter Description
API The API method being called.

One element for each field is passed to the API method:

  • Name: Name of the field
  • Type: Field type. Only the following are validated:
    • String: replace special characters ‘+’, ‘&’ and ‘ ‘ so they can be passed to the API method
    • Long: Validated as a number
    • Int: Validated as a number
    • Double: Validated as a number with at most 1 decimal point
    • Date: Formatted (optional) and then validated as YYYY-MM-DD
    • Time: Formatted (optional) and then validated as HH24:MI:SS
    • Lookup: Mapped based on lookup table
    • Default: Use a default value defined in Format field for the field
  • Array: The array value.
Format Used for Type default, date or time. If Type is default, the field is required. If Type is date or time, formatting is optional. The following must be defined in the format if the format is specified:
  • DD: Day (date/time)
  • MM: Month (date/time)
  • YYYY: Year (date/time)
  • HH: Hours (time)
  • MI: Minutes (time)
  • SS: Seconds (time)

Used for Type lookup. One element is defined for each lookup value.

  • Input: Input value from flat file (case insensitive)
  • Value: Replacement value for input value
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