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Activity Loader

For instance, if you have data stored in a separate system and you want this data transferred into Aria, UAL allows you to set up an automated process that loads this information into the Aria platform. The type of data you may wish to load into Aria includes, but is not limited to:

  • Usage records
  • Account records
  • Order information

Data Loading Frequency

By default, the data that you configure for transfer into Aria is loaded during a nightly batch job. The batch job consists of a data retrieval from a predefined FTP server, which Aria then attempts to load and parse as defined by the specific APIs calls in use.
In addition, you can run UAL batch jobs on-demand, as well as configure up to six additional batch jobs in a given day.

Steps to Set Up UAL

The following core steps are necessary to complete your UAL configuration:

  1. Set up a UAL configuration file. Refer to the UAL Configuration File Construction article for more information.
  2. Set up UAL data files for loading into Aria. Refer to the UAL Data File Requirements article for more information.
  3. Set up a UAL configuration in Aria. Refer to the Create a New Activity Loader article for more information.

    For a summary of the process by which UAL data flows from your system(s) into Aria, refer to the UAL Flow Diagram.

    Note: UAL is not PCI compliant. Therefore, it is not recommended that you load credit card information into Aria using UAL.

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