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Release 29

Application Features


Ingenico Support for 3D Secure Authentication 2.0 (DEV-9822)


Aria's integration with the payment gateway has been enhanced with support for 3D Secure (3DS) authentication 2.0. The 3DS authentication feature provides additional fraud prevention when transactions are processed.

To use 3DS 2.0:

  1. Configure the new Payer Authentication Settings in your payment gateway and/or collection group options for Ingenico
  2. Call APIs as described in the authorize_3dsecure_m documentation.

Please contact your Ingenico representative ​for additional information about using 3DS 2.0.


Invoice Setting - Auto Void Credit Memo (DEV-9825)


A new parameter has been added that allows you to indicate whether an invoice-based credit memo should automatically be voided when the corresponding invoice is voided (more information is here).


BrainTree Soft Descriptors (DEV-9827)


The field soft_descriptor has been added to the Field Options/Advanced Options tab for configuring the BrainTree payment gateway. This is a transaction description shown on the buyer's credit card statement that displays a Merchant Name or Item Description. The value in the soft_descriptor field will truncate at 22 characters to align with BrainTree's requirement of this field.


Supplemental Plan Instance Screen Displayed Correctly (DEV-9832)


The Supplemental Plan Instance (SPI) screen is now displayed correctly in the Aria application when you click on an SPI ID and there are more than 100 plan instances under the corresponding master plan instance ID.


Discount Rule Functionality available with Daily-Weekly Billing (DEV-9833)


You can now define discount rules in intervals of weeks or days so that you can align their expiration and application with the billing intervals. 


Use Sovos to Calculate Taxes Based on Service Location or Destination Contact (DEV-9844)


If you use the Sovos tax engine, you can now select a Bill-From Location and a Ship-From Location (service locations) in the Group Configuration in the Aria application. In addition to the billing address, Aria will send the ship-to address (destination contact) to Sovos. This means that the taxes for a service or inventory item can be calculated based on your specified service location or destination contact.



If you have a non-subscription offering (NSO) with multiple rate tiers, you can now see the rate tiers and corresponding prices for that NSO by clicking on a new Tiers link in the Aria application. The Tiers link is available when you create an accountassign a plan, or create/edit a plan and there is an NSO bundled with a plan.


New Loop: MPI level subtotal against same services (DEV-9887)


Master Plan Instance (MPI) subtotals are now available for statement templates. The new loop beginLoopMPIAllTxnByChargeCreditwTax subtotals each MPI by charges, credits, and non-invoice transactions (all inclusive of taxes) in your customers' statements. Please contact Aria Customer Support if you would like to add this content to a statement template.


Application Fixes 


  • Cancelling a Master Plan Instance created with a retroactive start date, with Supplemental Plans, is now supported. With a retroactive start date, it is possible that plans in such a plan hierarchy, with cancellation pending, could have termination dates in the past. Before this fix, the system would correctly move the MPI into a "CANCELLED" status, while the SPIs would remain in a "PENDING CANCELLATION" status. A new client parameter has been created to retain backward compatibility: PENDING_CANCELLATION_TERMINATION_DATE_BEHAVIOR. (TICKET-17744)
    1. Align to current bill thru date (default).
    2. Extend by an interval (we have set this values to existing clients for backward compatibility).
  • You can now create a pending invoice before reaching the customer's anniversary date through the UI at the account level. This is for an account that has more than 120 plan instances with each having a separate billing group (Accounts > Statements and Invoices > Invoices). (TICKET-17751)
  • When the following are true, reported usage with a usage date beyond "today" (i.e., in the future) does not get billed on the first invoice: (TICKET-17755)
    • The client parameter "Include Usage Charges on First Invoice" is set to TRUE in your Aria instance.
    • Bill lag days for the scenario are negative.
    • A plan with a usage-based service is assigned to an Aria account with an <alt_bill_day>.
    • Usage is reported against the plan described above.
    Example: Current date is 29-November; plan added with <alt_bill_day> of 1; usage reported for 28-Nov, 29-Nov, 30-Nov. Invoice generated immediately due to negative bill lag days with recurring period of 1-Dec thru 31-Dec, usage period of 1-Nov thru 30-Nov. Note that 30-Nov is in the future. With this fix, Aria calculates the usage billing date range to exclude date(s) in the future for first invoice(s).
  • You no longer get this error when you try to assign a master or supplemental plan to an account and enter custom rates with large From Unit and To Unit values: "Each 'To Unit' must be greater than 'From Unit'". Now you can enter up to 12 digits for the From Unit and To Unit values when you apply custom rates while adding/editing/replacing a master or supplemental plan assignment. (TICKET-17772)
  • An invoice for recurring and usage charges can now be generated prior to the anniversary date for a plan instance queued for cancellation. The invoice calculation process now considers plans in pending cancellation or pending termination until the termination date is reached (Accounts > Plans > Future Plan Changes). (TICKET-17780)
  • The Account Created event notifications are now processed successfully even if you created accounts with a large number of plans. (TICKET-17781)
  • For an invoice with multiple order line items, an invoice is generated, discount line items for a coupon are mapped, and tax line items along with service credits are applied correctly across all eligible charges. (TICKET-17817)
  • An order line mapped to a supplemental plan is now displayed and billed correctly in an invoice when you assign the supplemental plan via the UI (Accounts > Plans). (TICKET-17825)


API Features 

Use APIs to Assign Payment Responsibility to any Ancestor of a Child Account (DEV-9826)


API New Parameters Deprecated Parameters

These inputs allow you to assign the responsible MPI:

  • <resp_master_plan_instance_no>
  • <resp_client_master_plan_instance_id>
Input: <parent_acct_master_plan_inst_id>

These inputs allow you to assign the responsible MPI:

  • <resp_master_plan_instance_no>
  • <resp_client_master_plan_instance_id>
  • <resp_master_plan_instance_idx>


  • <resp_master_plan_inst_no>
  • <client_resp_master_plan_inst_id>
  • <resp_master_plan_inst_idx>

These inputs allow you to assign the responsible MPI:

  • <resp_master_plan_instance_no>
  • <resp_client_master_plan_instance_id>
Input: <parent_master_plan_inst_no>
update_acct_plan_m Input: <parent_acct_master_plan_inst_id>


  • <parent_acct_mp_inst_no>
  • <parent_acct_client_mp_inst_id>

This output identifies the MPI the responsible for a particular plan:


Output: <parent_master_plan_inst_no>


Additional Proration and Discount Rule Functionality available with Daily-Weekly Billing (DEV-9833)


This feature includes another iteration of Aria's Daily-Weekly Billing, which will be released in phases. In this phase:

  • When you use these APIs to assign a new plan with a daily or weekly billing interval: assign_acct_plan_mupdate_acct_plan_multi_m, and update_acct_plan_m:
    • You can now pass in <assignment_directive> values 1-10 to apply your chosen proration rule in the future, immediately, or on the anniversary date. The available proration rules are: charge only, full proration, or no proration.
    • All of these features related to assigning a new plan are also supported: <override_bill_thru_date>, <alt_bill_day>, <alt_start_date>, <status_until_alt_start>, <retroactive_start_date>, and <bill_lag_days>.
  • You can now also create daily or weekly prorated invoices when adding a new account via the create_acct_complete_m API call.
  • Additionally, discount rules can now be defined in intervals of weeks or days so that you can align their expiration and application with the billing intervals. You can use this functionality via APIs as described below:
API New Inputs New Outputs
  • Allowable values in the <duration_type_ind> field:
    • W: duration in weeks
    • D: duration in days
  • Duration of the discount:
    • <max_applicable_weeks>
    • <max_applicable_days>


  • Allowable values in the <duration_type_ind> field:
    • W: duration in weeks
    • D: duration in days
  • Duration of the discount:
    • <max_applicable_weeks>
    • <max_applicable_days>


3D Secure Enhancement to authorize_3d_secure_m (DEV-9836)


The <proc_initial_auth_txn_id> field has been added to the output of the authorize_3d_secure_m API. This is to enhance 3D Secure (3DS) authentication for the following payment gateways: Ingenico, CyberSource, BrainTree, Worldpay, and Adyen.


Ingenico Soft Descriptors (DEV-9855)


The <soft_descriptor> input has been added to the create_order_m API to support the Visa Subscription Regulations update for Ingenico. This new input supports “authorization” and “payment” actions. The value in the soft_descriptor field will truncate at 25 characters (Visa, American Express and JCB) or 23 characters (MasterCard) to align with Ingenico's requirement of this field.


Identify the "Chief" Account in a Hierarchy (DEV-9857)


For any account in a hierarchy, you can now identify the “chief” account, which is the ancestor at the highest level. This information is returned by these APIs: create_acct_complete_mget_acct_details_all_mget_acct_hierarchy_details_mand update_acct_complete_m. Example: if you have a child account with a parent and "grandparent", you can now identify the "grandparent" account as the “chief” account.

You can identify the “chief” account in the new <chief_acct_info> output array returned by the APIs listed above.


API Fixes 


  • XML Exception error: Unexpected element: CDATA was being displayed in authorize_electronic_payment_m API response instead of in the correct XML format. (TICKET-16091)
  • Supplemental-plan-bundled non-subscription offerings (NSOs) are now billed as expected when the supplemental plans they are associated with are assigned to an account via the assign_acct_plan_m and update_acct_plan_multi_m API calls. (TICKET-17743)
  • When you call the create_acct_complete_m API to create multiple accounts and you pass in an <alt_start_date> for one of the accounts, that date is now set for only your specified account and none of the other accounts. (TICKET-17753)
  • When retrieving an account's balance via an API call (such as get_acct_details_all_m), for accounts with service credits, the balance is now returned rounded to two decimal places. Previously, Aria did not round service credit amounts applied to account balances. (TICKET-17798)
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