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Release 25

Application Features


Cannot have Different Parent-child Account Currencies (DEV-6908)


You can no longer use the Aria application to change an account's responsibility level from self pay to parent pay if the parent and child accounts have different currencies. If you try to complete this action, this warning message now appears: "The currency of the child account master plan instance does not match the currency of the parent account. The payment responsibility cannot be changed to Parent Pay if the currencies do not match."

This may reduce potential errors resulting from different currency balances being rolled up together at the parent level.


Modified Messages Displayed When Notification Template Group (NTG) or Statement Template Behavioral Option is set to Distill Message But Do Not Send (DEV-8737)


When an account’s Notification Template Group (NTG) or statement template behavioral option is set to Distill Message But Do Not Send, then the Recent/All Communications section in the Aria application will display "Not sent" for the corresponding statement entry. Similarly, the Recent/All Comments section will display an enhanced message saying that the​​ statement was suppressed due to the behavioral option settings.​​​​ This message will appear similar to the following:

"Email message of type "<email class>" with subject "<email subject>" created but not sent to the contact address "<email address>" because of Notification Template Group behavioral option settings or account's 'Notification Method > Template No and Behavioral Option Override' settings.​"


Void Transaction Comments Displayed in Account Overview (DEV-9396)


When you void a transaction using an API, the wording that you pass into the <comments> field is now saved and you will see it in the Recent/All Comments section for the account in the Aria application in this format:

  • For void_transaction_m: Transaction no. '<transaction no>' was voided using reason code '<reason code no>' with the following API or CSR-entered comments: "<api input comments>".
  • For void_invoice_m: "Invoice no. '<invoice no>' was voided using reason code '<reason code no>' with the following API or CSR-entered comments: "<api input comments>".   

For void_invoice_m, if you do not pass comments into the API, the Aria application will display the following: "Invoice no. '<invoice no>' was voided using reason code '<reason code no>'".


Sync More Than 1,997 Plans Between Aria and Salesforce (DEV-9666)


You can now import more than 1,997 plans from Aria into Salesforce. The limitation to a maximum of 1,997 plans has been removed.


Application Fixes 


  • When a new rate schedule is added to a rollover plan under Products > Plans > Create or Edit a Plan > Rollov​ers > Contract Completion Rollovers, the new rollover rate schedule is now displayed as expected under Contract Completion Rollovers > ​Rollover to a New Rate Schedule. (TICKET-17083)
  • Legacy reports scheduled for a time of day "skipped" during switches to Daylight Savings Time now run as expected. (TICKET-17464)
  • Your invoicer batch logs now contain the correct account number for any invoices that were not successfully generated. (TICKET-17576)


API Features

Fine Tuning of Date Calculation For adjust_acct_plan_billing_dates_m API Call (DEV-9617)


This feature fine tunes Aria's bill date adjustment calculation for plans with both recurring and usage services. The date calculation, initiated by a call to the API adjust_acct_plan_billing_dates_m, now accounts for differences in the number of days between the arrears month for usage services and advanced month for recurring services. The newly calculated date ranges retain the same billing anniversary for both types of services.


Enhanced Error Response For Invalid Reason Codes Passed Via create_advanced_service_credit_m API (DEV-9652)


This feature updates the error message returned by the create_advanced_service_credit_m API when an invalid value for <reason_code> is passed. The new error message specifies "{reason_code}" for error code 1016 (Invalid Input).

Learn how to create custom reason codes for credits.


Keep or Remove Custom Rates when Changing Rate Schedule (DEV-9662)


When you change the rate schedule of a customer's plan instance, you can now specify whether to keep or remove any custom rates assigned to that plan instance.​ To do so, use the new <remove_pi_custom_rates> input field in these APIs:


Retrieve an Unlimited Number of Plans Using get_catalog_hierarchy_m (DEV-9666)


When you call the get_catalog_hierarchy_m API, you can now pass any number greater than or equal to 0 into the <offset> field. This allows you to get the details of an unlimited number of plans by calling the API more than once, with a different <offset> value each time (to skip previously-returned plans). The limitation to a maximum of 998 plans to skip using the <offset> field has been removed.


Performance Improvements for Bulk_Record_Usage_m API Call (DEV-9683)


Performance improvements have significantly decreased the time required to complete calls to ​the bulk_record_usage_m API.​


API Fixes 


  • XML Exception error: Unexpected element: CDATA was being displayed in authorize_electronic_payment_m API response instead of in the correct XML format (TICKET-16091)
  • Usage unit threshold values are now returned for supplemental plan instances in get_unbilled_usage_summary_m. Two new input parameters; <plan_instance_no> and <client_plan_instance_id> were added to allow the user to filter the record based on plan instance or client plan instance numbers passed as inputs. In addition, one new output parameter; <plan_instance_no> was added to the <unit_threshold_details> output array to return the plan instance number for the specific usage unit threshold details. (TICKET-17555)
  • The API call get_unbilled_usage_summary_m for a Plan Instance with a unit threshold applicability of "usage pool level" now functions as expected. Previously, such calls returned a "key not found: usage_type_no" error. (TICKET-17559)
  • When you call the get_all_invoice_information_m API and there are more than 100 invoices in the query results, the API returns <aria_statement_no> and <acct_statement_seq_str> values, as expected. (TICKET-17570)
  • The create_acct_complete_m API call will now validate and return an error as expected, if the user inputs a <client_alt_rate_schedule_id> whose rate schedule has an effective date in the future. This new validation mirrors existing logic used to return an error when the user inputs an <alt_rate_schedule_no> whose rate schedule has an effective date in the future. (TICKET-17578)
  • Aria added validation to the bulk_record_usage_m and record_usage_m APIs, which now return an invalid date error when they receive an improperly formatted usage date. Previously, the Aria application parsed improperly formatted dates passed via these API calls and stored incorrect dates in the database. (TICKET-17579)
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