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Release 17


Enhancements and fixes to Aria functionality for this release are described below.

Release Date

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Production Release Date


System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome 63
  • Firefox 52
  • IE11
  • Safari 11 on MacOS

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Application Features

Application Fixes

  • Batch jobs scheduled to run between 2:00 AM to 3:00 AM, during Daylight Savings Time, now run properly and do not generate a database error. (TICKET-3244)
  • The replacement string "insertPaymentAmount," intended in Dunning email templates to display an amount due, now shows a consistent and accurate amount for each step of a Dunning process. (TICKET-16336)
  • If you have a parent-child account set up and you created a product field to be displayed in your statements, the statements for the parent account now display the product field on the correct line for the object that it is mapped to (example: a plan instance). (TICKET-16358)
  • A new generic "Non-Electronic Payment" global email template has been introduced that resolves various issues with formatting and replacement strings. (TICKET-16373)
  • When you change the status of a plan from "pending termination" to "active", the previous termination date is no longer included in event 734 (Account Master Plan Instance Status Modified). (TICKET-16376)
  • XML Statements now correctly show negative, rather than positive, usage units when negative usage units are expected for the replacement string "insertItemUnits" on an XML Statement Template. (TICKET-16385)
  • The payment surcharge is no longer added to an invoice when the application of a credit results in a $0 invoice, provided the surcharge tier has not enabled "Include zero amount". (TICKET-16431)
  • When specifying an existing account contact as a Destination Contact on multiple orders or multiple order line items, Aria no longer displays duplicate entries for that content on an account's Contacts tab. (TICKET-16445)
  • A "Client Defined Identifier is Not Unique" error message no longer displays when editing an Aria user's detail (having role / user access to multiple tenants) via the > Configuration > Security > Users tabs within the Aria UI. (TICKET-16507)
  • Corrected XML email statement templates to eliminate mismatches that were occurring between the acct_statement_m. xsd schema, and the XML statement document generated by Aria. (TICKET-16511)
  • Creating a credit memo for an invoice with multiple taxed credits or discounts no longer results in a database error. (TICKET-16521)
  • Order invoices generated from the UI now display line items on the View/Print screen. (TICKET-16535)

API Features

API Fixes

  • When you call the collect_from_account_m API and pass in a specific_charge_transaction_id, the corresponding amount for the specified transaction ID is now collected and you no longer encounter an error. (TICKET-14636)
  • When updating plan instance fields using update_acct_plan_multi(_m) or create_acct_complete(_m), and the same value is passed for an existing field, Aria no longer duplicates that field name/value pair, and retains single instances of those fields and values as expected. (TICKET-15557)
  • When you attempt to create an account or assign a plan using an API in which you passed in a <retroactive_start_date> and an <alt_bill_day> and you set <combine_invoices> to 1:
    • You will not encounter an error;
    • The combined invoices setting is now honored; and
    • The appropriate invoice is now generated.
  • Plan product fields having a blank value are now successfully updated with a new value when passed in edit_plan_m. (TICKET-15915)
  • When you use the update_acct_plan_multi_m API to assign a master plan and supplemental plans at the same time, even if you assign the plans retroactively or with a future start date:
    • The effective dates, billing start dates, and status changes of the supplemental plans are now aligned with those of the master plan based on the date inputs passed into the API.
    • Invoices are now generated with the correct charges, regardless of whether the charges are prorated.
    • Your specified settings for invoice-related parameters and any invoicing inputs that you passed into the API are now honored.

Note: To determine the master plan's bill day when the update_acct_plan_multi_m API is called, Aria considers the following inputs in the order listed below:

  1. <override_bill_thru_date>;
  2. then whichever of these you passed in: <alt_start_date> or <alt_bill_day>;  
  3. then whichever of these you passed in: <retroactive_start_date> or <effective_date>.

For information on various scenarios involving date options in the update_acct_plan_multi_m API, see update_acct_plan_multi_m Use Cases.


  • When you call the authorize_electronic_payment_m API, you no longer encounter the XML Exception error: Unexpected element: CDATA and you now receive a response in the correct XML format. (TICKET-16091)
  • An Oracle error code and message is no longer exposed when an API call causes a database error. (TICKET-16249)
  • When calling edit_acct_plan_queued_changes_m with a do_write value of "false," the response no longer shows duplicate line items. (TICKET-16308)
  • When you change the status of a plan from "pending termination" to "active", the previous termination date is no longer included in event 734 (Account Master Plan Instance Status Modified). (TICKET-16376)
  • If there are multiple rollover rate schedules that apply to a contract, they are now returned in the <contract_rollover_rate_sched> array by the APIs listed below instead of blank values:
    • get_avail_plans_for_acct_m
    • get_client_plans_basic_m
    • get_master_plans_by_supp_field_m
    • get_plans_by_promo_code_all_m
    • get_plans_by_promo_code_m
    • get_supp_plans_by_promo_code_all_m
    • get_supp_plans_by_promo_code_m
    • get_supp_plans_by_supp_field_m
  • The API call update_acct_invoice_m now includes the input parameter <client_acct_id>. (TICKET-16414)
  • If you use Billsoft (or any other  tax engine), you no longer encounter an unexpected error when you use any of the APIs listed below to assign a plan and you entered invalid address information. Instead, the correct error message “25001 failed to calculate taxes” is returned by these APIs:
    • cancel_acct_plan_m
    • modify_acct_univ_contract_m
    • modify_instance_contract_m
    • replace_acct_plan_m
    • update_acct_plan_m
    • update_acct_plan_multi_m
    • update_plan_unit_fulfillment_m
  • When replacing a plan via replace_acct_plan_m in the middle of a billing period, with an <alt_proration_start_date> of the account's billing anniversary, Aria no longer incorrectly generates an additional line item charge for a service on the old plan (that also exists on the new plan). (TICKET-16454)
  • When you use the update_acct_plan_multi_m API to assign a plan with an activation fee, as expected: a) the activation units are included in the <line_units> output in the API response and b) the activation units are displayed on the Invoice Details page in the Aria application. (TICKET-16462)
  • The appropriate error message (25020: Fields with a type of "String" cannot contain the following characters: < >) is now returned when API input fields with a type of "string" such as first_name, last_name, comments, plan_instance_description, etc. contain the following illegal characters <, >. (TICKET-16476)
  • When you attempt a collection using an API that provides proration options (examples: assign_acct_plan_m or update_acct_complete_m), Aria now includes Level II and Level III data in the payment request sent to your payment gateway. Level II and Level III (also known as Data Rate 2 and Data Rate 3) are interchange categories designed by Visa and MasterCard to give qualified businesses a discount on their interchange fees. (TICKET-16520)
  • Calling create_cm_m to create a credit memo for an invoice with multiple taxed credits or discounts no longer results in a 1001 error. (TICKET-16521)
  • Usage is now successfully loaded for a Supplemental Plan Instance when passing the <userid> or <client_acct_id>, and <client_plan_instance_id> as input parameters in the record_usage_m API. (TICKET-16528)
  • Aria now sends <client_acct_id> parameter specified in get_acct_payment_history_m to sub-call to get_payment_application_dtls_m, and get_acct_payment_history_m no longer returns an error when <client_acct_id> and <details_flag> = 1 are specified. (TICKET-16529)
  • When assigning a Master Plan and mandatory Supplemental Plan with a retroactive start date and <assignment_directive> = 3 (perform the requested plan change immediately, ignoring pre-configured proration rule and forcing NO PRORATION) via update_acct_plan_multi_m or assign_acct_plan_m, Aria now updates the Supplemental Plan Next Bill Date(s) properly.(TICKET-16540)
  • When you pass an <application_id> or <application_date> into APIs that take those inputs, the values in those fields are now displayed in the Recent Comments section under Accounts > Account Overview in the Aria application. (TICKET-16556)

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