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Release 16


Enhancements and fixes to Aria functionality for this release are described below.

(Please note that this page contains references to A6 APIs. To view the functionality enhancement for Billing Cloud, please consult the related topic on Knowledge Central.)

Release Date

Stage Future Release Date


Production Release Date


System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome 63
  • Firefox 52
  • IE11
  • Safari 11 on MacOS

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Application Features

Application Fixes

  • When you delete a scheduled plan cancellation, the plan is now returned to the active status and is no longer listed as "Pending Cancellation" on the Future Plan Changes screen. (TICKET-14433)
  • Adding a new recurring in arrears service to an existing plan, while removing an existing recurring service to the same plan, now results in the appropriate invoice charges being reflected on an account’s invoice. (TICKET-15688)
  • Usage periods are now calculated correctly on invoices when a) Allow Negative Bill Lag Days to Extend Beyond One Bill Cycle is set to true and b) Automatically Rate Un-rated Usage Records at Load Time is set to false. (TICKET-15693)
  • When you have a discount rule that results in a $0 credit, the $0 credit no longer appears on statements as either a credit or a charge. (TICKET-15887)
  • The non-viable option to discard already-billed usage, or usage on a pending invoice, has been removed from the UI when clicking on a usage record within the displayed invoice. (TICKET-15924)
  • Charges on an invoice now reflect all applicable fees for the currently-assigned plans and services when: a) you remove a service from a plan and b) you add a new service to a plan. (TICKET-15991)
  • The payload for provisioning event "Account Service Plan Contract Expired" (in the Accounts and Master Plan Instances Event Group, Event 733) now only includes information about the contract that is expiring, rather than all expired contracts for the account. (TICKET-16008)
  • You no longer encounter an error when you import data from one client to another. (TICKET-16078)
  • ​An account’s master plan status is now correctly displayed on all Plan-detail screens within the UI when a master plan is assigned to an account in a pending activation status. (TICKET-16093)
  • An error no longer occurs when you navigate between pages in an account's Transactions tab. (TICKET-16094)
  • When using BillSoft as your tax engine, voiding an invoice with tax line items no longer results in an error indicating "OriginationPCode must be set!" (TICKET-16210)
  • Product plan instance fields, and their values are now correctly displayed on statements honoring the field's "Display on Statements" setting. (TICKET-16233)
  • Statement contact is now displayed in credit note email notification instead of the account contact if configured, when creating a cash credit via the UI using the cash credit’s “Services (invoice line-items)” with/without MPI or "Invoices and other account-level charges". (TICKET-16252)
  • Creating an order that should be invoiced immediately triggers the "Invoice Created" event and not the "Pending Invoice Created" event, as expected. (TICKET-16258)
  • When you remove a plan using the "De-assign in Future" option, then go to the Future Plan Changes screen and click Execute, the plan name is now displayed. (TICKET-16374)
  • Within the Aria UI, on the Plan Instance Supp Fields screen, you can now successfully enter and save a value that has more than 300 characters. (TICKET-16375)

API Features

API Fixes

  • When you cancel a plan then call the get_acct_plans_all_m API, any applicable cancellation fee is now returned in the early_cancel_fee field. (TICKET-10723)
  • When calling update_payment_method_m, the payment method name, client-defined id, and description are now updated as expected. (TICKET-15758)
  • XML Exception error: Unexpected element: CDATA was being displayed in authorize_electronic_payment_m API response instead of in the correct XML format (TICKET-16091)
  • For REST calls: The currency_cd field for create_inventory_item_m is no longer case sensitive (e.g., both "usd" and "USD" are valid inputs for currency_cd); and, the error message returned when sending an invalid currency code is now accurate. (TICKET-16101)
  • An invoice for recurring fees is no longer generated when using update_acct_plan_multi_m to assign an account a new plan instance having a retroactive_start_date, and invoicing_option = "4" (no invoice). (TICKET-16167)
  • A new field, new_client_payment_method_id, has been added to update_payment_method_m. (TICKET-16284)
  • Future plan assignment:
  1. An error no longer occurs when you call the assign_acct_plan_m or update_acct_plan_multi_m API and you:
  • Pass in a future effective_date;
  • Pass in an override_bill_thru_date that is more than one billing cycle away from the API run date; and
  • The period between the effective_date and the override_bill_thru_date is within one billing cycle.

    Example: If a plan's billing cycle is 1 year and you call the assign_acct_plan_m API on 3/1/2019, pass in an effective_date of 4/1/2019 and an override_bill_thru_date of  3/29/2020, an error will not occur. This is because 3/29/2020 is within 1 year of 4/1/2019.

  1. Aria now returns the following new/updated error codes when you call the assign_acct_plan_m or update_acct_plan_multi_m API:
    New or Updated? Error Code Error Message
    Updated (effective_date added to the error message) 25032 The override_bill_thru_date must be in the future, must be after the alt_start_date, retroactive_start_date, or effective_date (if provided), and cannot exceed one recurring billing interval in the future.
    New 25040 Effective date is required when an assignment directive is in the future and override bill thru date is used.

WSDL File Locations

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Object Query WSDL Files

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