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Aria Knowledge Central

Release 13.1


Enhancements and fixes to Aria functionality for this release are described below.

Release Date

Stage Future Release Date


System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Firefox 39
  • Chrome 44
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11

Java Settings

Java 7.0​​

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher






List of API Fixes

Application Features

Override Pending or Combined Invoice When Both Are Enabled (DEV-8606)

This feature allows you to specify Aria's behavior when you want to leverage both "pending invoices" and "combined invoices" (i.e. invoices with charges spanning multiple billing periods caused by negative bill lag days or a retroactive start date).

Previously, configuring your Aria instance to create invoices in a pending status and setting "Combine Invoices" to "True" prevented the automatic creation of invoices for new accounts (or resulting from plan changes). Aria has introduced a new client parameter, "Combined/Pending Invoice Override Option," to facilitate this enhanced behavior.

Getting here: Configuration > Billing > Invoice Settings > Combined/Pending Invoice Override Option

Directives of "Combined/Pending Invoice Override Option"

Following are descriptions of the available directives for Combined/Pending Invoice Override Option.

Below each description is the result of a create_acct_complete_m call on 30-November for an account with a retroactive start date of 30-September with a monthly recurring Master Plan. The account, when created, owes for 3 billing cycles for this Master Plan.

  • Do not Override: Default behavior (do not create invoice).

The example account is created, but no invoices are generated. Short-cycle (that is, single-billing-period) pending invoices can be explicitly generated for the specific Master Plan Instance (MPI).

  • Override Combined: Create a pending invoice for single earliest billing period

The example account is created. A short-cycle pending invoice is created for the earliest billing period, 30-September thru 29-October.

  • Override Pending: Create a combined invoice immediately

The example account is created, and a combined invoice with charges from 30-September thru 29-December is created immediately, with no approval required.

Performance Improvement For Expiring Contracts and Queued Rate Changes (DEV-8663)

This feature offers a performance improvement in daily batch jobs that process:

  • Expiring contracts (better overall performance metrics)
  • Queued rate changes (better performance with large data sets)

Application Fixes

  • Rate schedules with a custom billing interval were failing to render correctly when selecting "Load More Rate Schedules" in Plan edit mode (TICKET-14834)
  • Internal error was occurring when assigning a coupon having a coupon application scope of Master Plan Instance to a master plan (TICKET-15562)
  • Password field was not being "masked" for Sabrix, Billsoft EZTax, and Taxware tax methods in edit mode (TICKET-15645)
  • Certain characters in replacement strings were not being properly encoded in XML and HTML statements, resulting in statements not being parsed and displayed properly (TICKET-15765)
  • The Apply Credit Memo modal selection window was referencing the statement number in the Statement Sequence ID field instead of the statement sequence id when creating a credit memo applied to a specific invoice line item (TICKET-15787)
  • Updated APILive Results Page to return all responses even if the response is a null (TICKET-15871)

API Features

get_acct_details_all_m Enhanced To Return Two-Character State/Prov Abbreviation (DEV-8526)

This feature enhances the return from a get_acct_details_all_m API call. Previously, the State/Prov value was returned as the full State or Province name (e.g. "New York" rather than "NY"). Now, State/Prov values are returned as the two-letter abbreviations, consistent with how those values are stored in the system.

Address value in Account Overview:

API call within API Live:

API Live account address returned by get_acct_details_all_m:

Allow Single Line Upgrades With Full Proration (DEV-8605)

This feature widens support for increasing units of a plan via plan-change-related API calls. Previously, such a plan change API call would require that you either specify the "charge only proration" directive, or that "charge only proration" be the Aria instance default. Now, you can increase the units of a plan via a plan change API, either specifying a "full proration" directive, or by setting your Aria instance default to "full proration" and omitting a proration directive.

API Fixes

  • Four output fields were not defined as nillable (optional) in create_cm_m (TICKET-15837)

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