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Release 13.0


Enhancements and fixes to Aria functionality for this release are described below.

Release Date

Stage Future Release Date


System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Firefox 39
  • Chrome 44
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11

Java Settings

Java 7.0​​

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher







Application Features

Enhanced Services Screen Functionality Supporting Plan Creation or Editing (DEV-8310)

This feature enhances the Aria UI to enable the more efficient selection, configuration, and/or creation of Services to associate with a Plan during Plan creation, or editing.

Getting Here: Click Products > Plans
Service Number 1.jpg

  1. Click on the Services tab after completing the Details, Plan Relationships, and Billing & Invoicing sections of the Plan screen.

Note: If you plan on including a Cancellation or Minimum Fee Service on your Plan, you need to configure the "Apply Cancellation", and "Apply Minimum Charge" fields within the Billing & Invoicing tab.

Service Number 2.jpg

The Plan Services screen displays. If no Services were previously selected, as in a new Plan setup, Aria displays the message "No services have been added to this plan".

  1. To add existing Services to a Plan, click on the "Select Existing Services" button or "add existing" link.
    Service Numbers 3-4-5-6.jpg

A Services pop-up screen is displayed, and pagination is enabled if the number of Services exceeds 10. This screen is limited to 10 Services per view.

  1. Click on the page arrow keys to page through existing Services. Any previously selected Services will remain "selected" as you page forward or backward.
  2. Click on the Service Name arrow to sort Services alphabetically.
  3. Click on the Service Type up-down arrows to sort Services alphabetically by Service Type.
  4. Click on the up-down arrows within the Service Type search box. Then click on a specific Service Types' checkbox to display only Services having that service type.
    Service Number 7.jpg
  5. To search for a specific Service, or grouping of Services, click within the Service Name search text box, and enter a search string.
    Service Numbers 8-9.jpg
  6. Click on the Select button at the top of the screen to associate all services displayed on the screen to the Plan.

Note: Using the Select button at the top of the screen will select only the services displayed on the screen. Use the pagination arrows at the top of screen to move forward or backward to display and select additional Services to associate to the Plan.


  1. Select Services individually by clicking on each Services' associated checkbox.
    Service Numbers 9 and 10.jpg
  2. Click on the Select button to add the Services to the Plan.
    Service Numbers 11-12.jpg

The Plan Services screen re-displays with all Services that are currently associated with the Plan.

  1. Click on the "Select Existing Services" button to re-display the Services pop-up screen to add and/or remove Services from the Plan.

Note: Any previously selected Services as shown above will remain "checked" for inclusion on the Plan.

  1. Click on the "Create New" button to create/add a new Service to this Plan.
    Service Numbers 13-14.jpg
  2. The Create New Service screen is displayed.

Note: Refer to Create a Service for more information on configuring a new Service.

  1. Click on the Save button to add this new Service to the Plan.

Note: This action also creates a new Service that is available to associate with other Plan offerings. The new Service can be found within > Products > Services.

Service Numbers 15-16-17.jpg

The Plan "Services" screen re-displays with the new Service added.

  1. Click on a Services' red X to remove the Service from the Plan.
  2. A new "Settings" column on the Plan Services screen provides links to configure optional settings per each Service Type.
  3. Click on each Services' Add or Edit link to configure settings for the Service

Note: An Add/Edit link is NOT displayed for Minimum Fee Services since this Service Type has no configurable options.

Recurring Service Configuration.jpg

Configure each Services' available settings:

Note: Service configuration options vary per Service Type.

  1. Click on the "Save" button to save the settings for each service.
    Service Number 19.jpg
  2. Complete Plan setup by adding Rates for selected Services, associating Inventory Items, Future Plan Purchases, and Plan Rollovers.

Vantiv Dynamic Soft Descriptor Support (DEV-8364)


  1. When configuring the Vantiv payment gateway, under Field Options, specify the value of customBilling/phone (1 above) and/or customBilling/descriptor (2 above).
  2. You can view more detail about each field with a Tool Tip by mousing over the blue question mark next to each.

You can also modify values for these fields by editing the Vantiv payment gateway.

Specifying Soft Descriptor Values via Collection Groups

Using Account Fields To Populate Soft Descriptor Fields

You can specify an account field value for any of the Vantiv-specific fields, both at the Payment Gateway and the Collection Group levels.

Next to each field, in both the Payment Gateway and Collection Group configuration levels for Vantiv, each field has a drop-down menu next to it, as pictured above with the orange arrow. The values in the drop-down menu comprise all account fields that have been configured in your Aria instance. Choose the account field that you want to populate this field.

The order of precedence specified above applies.

Supported Payment Gateways Per Payment Method (DEV-8406)

This feature enhances the Aria UI to display the supported Payment Gateways per Payment Method (examples: Credit Card, ACH, etc.).

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Payments > Payment Methods
Payment Gateways Supported Per Pay Method.jpg

Collection Group "Locked" When Linked to an Account (DEV-8407)

This feature supports the locking or non-removal of a Collection Group within the Aria UI, once it has been linked to one or more accounts.

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Payments > Collection Groups
Collection Group Locked When Assigned to An Account.jpg

  1. The lock icon next to a Collection Group indicates that the group currently has one or more accounts assigned to it, and cannot be deleted.
  2. The X symbol next to a Collection Group indicates that the group has no existing accounts assigned to it, and can be deleted.

Vantiv Payment Gateway - CVV / AVS Settings Displayed in UI (DEV-8408)

This feature enhances the Aria UI to add configurable CVV/AVS settings for the Vantiv payment gateway.

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Payments > Payment Gateways
Vantiv Screen 1.jpg

Vantiv Screen 2.jpg

Vantiv Screen 3.jpg

Vantiv Screen 4.jpg

Vantiv Screen 5.jpg

Performance Improvement Creating / Editing Plans with Services Having Multiple Rate Schedules and Tiers (DEV-8477)

This improvement enhances the overall performance and efficiency of creating / editing Plans having Services with multiple rate schedules and rate tiers.

PDF Email Support for Credit Memos and Credit Notes (DEV-8530)

This feature introduces PDF attachment support for Credit Memo and Credit Note customer notification emails. Accounts with either the PDF Delivered via Email or Printable & HTML Email with Surcharge notification method will receive emails with PDF attachments for Credit Memo and Credit Note notifications.

Getting here: Account Overview > Notification Method tab > Notification Method link
2017-09-26 13_53_22-Aria Crescendo_ Account Search.png

Note: If an account's notification method is PDF (Printing Required), a PDF will be generated in the system for printing, but it will not be emailed as PDF attachment.

Display PayPal Express Checkout Email Address in UI (DEV-8029)

This feature adds the ability to display the email address associated with a PayPal Express Checkout payment method within the Aria UI for transactions related to that payment method. This enables customers to distinguish among two or more PayPal accounts that might be used to make payments via Aria.

Configuring an Aria Instance to Display PayPal Express Checkout Email Addresses

Getting here: Configuration > Payments > Payment SettingsDisplay Billing Email Address with PayPal Express Checkout transactions

Screens Where PayPal Express Checkout Email Is Displayed

Recent Payments Section

Getting here: Account Overview > Recent Payments section

Payment Methods Tab

Getting here: Account Overview > Payment Methods tab

Payment Method Creation Screen

Getting here: Account Overview > Payment Methods tab > New payment method

Where creating a new PayPal Express Checkout payment method for an account (1 above), the email address of the Billing Contact (2 above) that you choose will be the email address that is displayed when leveraging this feature.

Payments Screen

Getting here: Account > Payments & Credits

Refunds Screen

Getting here: Account > Payments & Credits > Refunds tab

PayPal Express Checkout “Success with Warning” Message Handling (DEV-8032)

This feature allows you to specify how Aria handles a "Success with Warning" return from a collection call to the PayPal Express Checkout payment gateway. Previously, Aria marked such collection attempts as failures. This can be configured for a PayPal Express Checkout Payment Gateway and a PayPal Express Checkout Collection Group within Aria.

Note: If "Treat as a Success" is chosen, but a transaction ID is not returned from PayPal, Aria will treat the response as a failure (as this indicates a failed collection attempt).

Setting "Success with Warning" Behavior at the Payment Gateway

Getting here: Configuration > Payments > Payment Gateways > (New or Edit) Payment Gateway

When you are creating a new payment gateway, and choose "PayPal Express Checkout," additional configuration fields will appear. The Success with Warning Responses section reflects this new feature, allowing you to select how Aria handles "Success with Warning" responses:

  • Treat as a Failure: Treats all "Success with Warning" responses as failures
  • Treat as a Success: Treats all "Success with Warning" responses that include a transaction ID from PayPal as successes

Setting "Success with Warning" Behavior at the Collection Group

Getting Here: Configuration > Payments > Collection Groups > (New or Edit) Payment Gateway

When you are creating a new collection group, have already configured PayPal Express Checkout as a payment gateway in your Aria instance, and choose "PayPal Express Checkout" as the Payment Processor, additional configuration fields will appear. The Success with Warning Responses section reflects this new feature, allowing you to select how Aria handles "Success with Warning" responses:

  • Use Payment Gateway Setting: Treats all "Success with Warning" responses according to how the PayPal Express Checkout payment gateway is configured
  • Treat as a Failure: Treats all "Success with Warning" responses as failures
  • Treat as a Success: Treats all "Success with Warning" responses that include a transaction ID from PayPal as successes

Note: The "Failure" or "Success" option within the Collection Group override the option selected at the Payment Gateway level. That is, if the Payment Gateway is configured to treat "Success with Warning" as a failure, but the Collection Group is configured to treat that response as a success, Aria will treat the response as a success.

Upgrade PayPal Express Checkout to Most Recent Version (DEV-8381)

This feature upgrades Aria’s PayPal Express Checkout from API Version 56 to the latest version. It allows Aria’s clients using PayPal Express Checkout to:

  • Offer Express Checkout to merchants using the “Check Out with PayPal” shortcut button
  • Process Sale transactions using Express Checkout
  • Perform voids against authorizations processed through Express Checkout
  • Perform refunds against transactions processed through Express Checkout
  • Utilize Instant Payment Notification (IPN), a service that notifies you of new and updated transactions. Whenever a new transaction occurs, or an existing transaction is updated, PayPal posts details about the transaction to a listener script on your website. This script uses this information to update PayPal-specific orders within your order management system.
  • Leverage In-Context Checkout (aka Mini-browser) option
  • Leverage One-click purchase option
  • Pay By Credit “PayPal Credit” option (to be included in a future release when PayPal supports it for reference transactions)

Parameters Removed From PayPal Express Checkout Configuration Screens

The following parameters have been removed from the Payment Gateway and Collection Group UI screens:

  • Agreement Page Style
  • Agreement Outer Frame Background Color
  • Agreement Header Border Color
  • Agreement Header Background Color

Parameters Added To PayPal Express Checkout Configuration Screens

The following Processor Parameters are introduced in Payment Gateway and Collection Group UI screens (pictured below):

  • Address Verification Service (AVS) Enabled (1)
  • Address Verification Service (AVS) Return Address (2)

    Note: If "Address Verification Service (AVS) Enabled" is set to "Do not Send Request," the value of "Address Verification Service (AVS) Return Address" will be ignored. If you do wish to set "Address Verification Service (AVS) Return Address" to a value of "Update Aria billing address," check with your PayPal representative to ensure this feature is enabled within PayPal.
  • Success with Warning Responses (3)
  • Agreement Confirmation URL - In-Context (4)
  • IPN call back url at PayPal (5)

Application Fixes

  • User could create a new Collection Group using a previously defined client group id resulting in the removal of the original collection group. Logic added to inform the user that “This Client Group ID already exists, please enter a unique Client Group ID” (TICKET-12483)
  • Billing Group statement contact middle initial field in UI was throwing Oracle error when more than two characters were inputted. Logic was added to restrict the user from entering more than two characters (TICKET-13333)
  • No data was being displayed when searching by Payment Type Name in > Finance > Payment Terms (TICKET-13377)
  • Help text was cut off on some screens, even if screen was resized (TICKET-15322)
  • "Cancel" button in Replace Supplemental Plan screen was incorrectly displaying as "Save Changes" (TICKET-15388)
  • Only one usage type included in Total section of Account's Usage History screen (TICKET-13785)
  • The Credit Memo details screen was showing wrong "Date Created" value for Invoice, Cancellation, and Price Change Credit Memos; General Credit Memos were unaffected (TICKET-14347)
  • Surcharges with in-line application and percentage (multiple tiers) were not being applied to invoices; configuring such a surcharge will now cause an error (TICKET-14796)
  • Functional Account Group defined in create new account via the UI was not being saved/linked to the account (TICKET-14860)
  • delete_bundles_m in API Live was not throwing the correct error message for WDDX/JSON output formats (TICKET-14952)
  • Cancelled recurring credits were still applied to subsequent invoices (TICKET-15178)
  • Tax-only charges on invoice not successfully written off when pre-tax service credits offset all non-tax charges on original invoice (TICKET-15295)
  • Supplemental plans were not assigned to zero-dollar master plans when client invoice setting "Automatically Reset Master Plan Billing Dates on 1st Paid Supplemental Plan Assignment" was set to "True – All Plans" (TICKET-15296)
  • Supplemental plans under a non-billable Master Plan (that is, not zero-dollar) were causing Aria to generate an invoice (TICKET-15318)
  • New clients were not being given full access to Account Search fields due to a configuration failure during initialization (TICKET-15323)
  • Removing required field in plan creation flow after specifying rollover resulted in Javascript error, rather than "missing required field" error (TICKET-15334)
  • Save of Payment Gateway was failing when Merchant ID field exceeded 20 characters (TICKET-15423)
  • Surcharges created using “Percentage (Multiple Tiers)” as the rate calculation method, was not enforcing its display as a separate invoice line (TICKET-15511)
  • Rate Schedule currency symbols were not displaying in the From/To Rate Tiers when creating Surcharges (TICKET-15512)
  • Added check in collection batch for soft-failure retry when multi-threading is enabled (TICKET-15517)
  • Copy Config was returning error for product fields and service location (TICKET-15521)
  • When called from API Live,  get_payment_details_m returned null, rather than en error message, for invalid input (TICKET-15522)
  • A Functional Account Group assignment made when creating an account via the UI was not updating/displaying in the Account Groups section of the Account Overview screen (TICKET-15525)
  • Some translation links/pop-ups were enabled when no original value was entered in field (TICKET-15537)
  • Translation link/pop-up screen for the Usage Types "Name" field was not displaying after an original value was entered in the field (TICKET-15569)
  • Statement was not being produced at account creation when the Billing Group has a mapped payment type of “Payment Terms”, and SUPPRESS_INITIAL_STMT_UNTIL_VALID_FORM_PAYMENT_SUPPLIED_M is set to “TRUE” (TICKET-15583)
  • Rebilling invoice resulted in over-credit of tax when Credit Memo issued against invoice with coupon (TICKET-15616)
  • Passwords were not being "masked" in Tax Configuration screens for the various Tax Integration service providers (TICKET-15625)
  • When a plan instance is cancelled that results in service credits being created, the Service Credit tab under the Payments and Credits module was failing to show these service credits (TICKET-15633)
  • Payment Method Name "PayPal Express Checkout" removed in Payment Method tab (TICKET-15694)​
  • Clicking on a Payment Method was failing to load the page due to a code merge issue (TICKET-15700)
  • Users were unable to create a surcharge in the UI via API Live due to an API Live forms syntax error (TICKET-15709)

API Features

Improved Response Times When Using record_external_payment_m (DEV-8531)

This improvement enhances the overall performance and efficiency of the record_external_payment_m API.

Vantiv Soft Descriptor Support—API (DEV-8364)

The following APIs have been updated with two new fields, soft_descriptor and soft_descriptor_customer_service, to support Vantiv Soft Descriptors:

  • create_order_m
  • create_order_with_plan_m
  • settle_acct_balance_m
  • collect_from_account_m
  • issue_refund_to_acct_m
  • authorize_electronic_payment_m

Paypal Express Checkout AVS Enhancement (DEV-7922)

This feature adds a new field, req_billing_address, to the API call init_paypal_bill_agreement_m. Previously, this field was hardcoded with a value of "1." Now, it can be set in the API call, and will default to "0."

Display PayPal Express Checkout Email Address in APIs (DEV-8029)

The following API calls will return an additional field, bill_email:

  • get_refund_information_m
  • get_acct_payment_history_m
  • get_payments_on_invoice_m
  • get_refund_details_m

Upgrade PayPal Express Checkout to Most Recent Version—Aria API Updates (DEV-8381)

This feature adds, for init_paypal_bill_agreement_m, two additional input fields:

Field Name Field Type Max Length Description
paypal_credit long 22 For Future Use: PayPal Credit is a financing solution that buyers apply to, and receive approval for, within seconds. To merchants (Aria clients), the payment appears the same as other Express Checkout transactions. The merchant receives money at the time of sale, and PayPal handles remittance of payment from buyers, and assumes the risk of non-payment.




In-Context checkout is an enhanced, simplified checkout flow that replaces the classic Express Checkout flow. On desktop screens, the payment flow occurs in a secure window that opens in front of the merchant website. On tablets and smartphones, the payment flow is optimized for full-page mode. Customers stay on the merchant website throughout the payment authorization process. (If you detect that a user has a non-compatible browser, or has disabled JavaScript, you can use "Classic" view.)

Allowable values:
0 – Use Classic (default)
1 – Use In-Context Checkout

New Data Type "long" Validation for API Calls (DEV-8608)

If an input parameter for an API call is a "long" data type, and the input value provided is not a valid "long," the API call response will be error code 1016 with error message, "(parameter name) is not a valid long."

API Fixes

  • Cancellation fee was not getting charged when cancelling the MPI via cancel_acct_plan_m (TICKET-11303)
  • Force_supp_bill_date_reset input was not being honored over client parameter for Master Plan bill dates reset using replace_acct_plan_m (TICKET-12520)
  • Not able to reset Master Plan bill dates through replace_acct_plan_m (TICKET-13506)
  • Coupon was not applying when creating an order with a coupon using create_order_with_plan_m (TICKET-14232)
  • Error message was not being returned while passing invalid locale_name, and locale_no with output_format as JSON via update_usage_type_m (TICKET-14675)
  • Surcharges could be created via create_surcharge_m with inline_offset_ind set to "I" and surcharge_type_cd set to "S"; this combination of settings now results in an error (TICKET-14796)
  • update_revrec_profile_m was throwing DB error instead of the proper error code/message when the profile_id input variable was passed as a string value (TICKET-14874) 
  • Tax inclusive settings were not being honored in create_order_m (TICKET-15183)
  • create_acct_complete_m was showing "invalid date format" error (TICKET-15207)
  • get_master_plans_by_supp_field_m rate schedule summary array was not returned (TICKET-15256)
  • No invoice was generated for a supplemental plan assigned via create_order_with_plan_m API when "Combine invoices" invoice setting was set to "True" (TICKET-15346)
  • "Duplicate Surcharges found" error message  was being displayed while removing the surcharges using update_acct_plan_multi_m (TICKET-15393)
  • Added collection error codes in settle_account_balance_m to alert when no collection is made when form of payment is non-electronic, currency threshold is not met, and collection amount is zero or negative (TICKET-15453)
  • Invoice was being generated for a zero-dollar Master Plan when assigning a chargeable Supplemental Plan with assignment directive = 4 using assign_acct_plan_m (TICKET-15490)
  • The optional_transaction_qualifiers name/value pair was not stored with the void transaction when provided in the void_transaction_m API call (TICKET-15505)
  • set_acct_notify_override_m was throwing an "invalid input" error when trying to remove an existing email message template when a null value was passed in either the override_template_no or behavioral_option input parameters (TICKET-15539)
  • cancel_acct_plan_m, and update_acct_plan_multi_m was not producing final unbilled usage invoice (TICKET-15565)
  • Anniversary Date was not calculated correctly when queuing a supplemental plan change and forcing a master bill date reset via replace_acct_plan_m (TICKET-15627)
  • get_invoice_details_m tax details array was returning incorrect tax authority level (TICKET-15648)
  • Anniversary Date was not changing when updating plan status via update_acct_plan_multi_m (TICKET-15664)
  • manage_pending_invoice_m, and create_order_with_plans_m was throwing ORA-06550 error (TICKET-15712)

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