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Release 6.48


Enhancements and fixes to Aria functionality for this release are described below.

Production Release Date


System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Firefox 39
  • Chrome 44
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11

Java Settings

Java 7.0​​

Screen Resolution

Application Features

Product Supplemental Fields on Invoices (DEV-6936)

This feature enables product supplemental fields to be displayed on invoices using the appropriate replacement string.

Application Fixes

  • ​User could not delete locale settings record after copying the locale (TICKET-11928)
  • Minimum value for NSO was not honored while creating account (TICKET-11929)
  • Wrong template class for final Dunning Step drop-down menu (TICKET-11951)
  • Coupon information did not show both account and plan instance level coupons (TICKET-12005)
  • External payments did not work if they contained decimal values (TICKET-12043)
  • Pending invoice configuration issues in billing UI (TICKET-12153)

API Features

Additional Invoice Detail for get_invoice_details_m and get_all_invoice_information_m (DEV-7041)

This enhancement adds input and output fields to two APIs to show discount detail information at the invoice level.

The get_invoice_details_m API now returns the following fields:

  • line_type
  • rate_schedule_no
  • client_rate_schedule_id
  • rate_schedule_tier_no
  • credit_coupon_code
  • plan_instance_no
  • client_plan_instance_id
  • tax_related_ind
  • svc_credit_source_invoice_no
  • svc_credit_source_line_no
  • svc_credit_source_transaction_id
  • svc_credit_applied_line_no
  • svc_credit_applied_transaction_id
  • credit_reason_cd

The get_all_invoice_information_m ObjectQuery API now has the following parameters as querystring keys.

  • <plan_instance_no>
  • <client_plan_instance_id>

The get_all_invoice_information_m ObjectQuery API now returns the following fields:

  • line_type
  • rate_schedule_no
  • client_rate_schedule_id
  • rate_schedule_tier_no
  • plan_instance_no
  • client_plan_instance_id

API Fixes

  • ​Account/Account or Master Plan Instance level coupons history details were not displayed in the get_coupon_history_m API responses (TICKET-11814)
  • Create_acct_complete_m failed due to <billing_group_hist.action_detail> column length limit (TICKET-11842)
  • Get_all_invoice_information_m API - <bill_company_name> was not displayed in the API and not updated in the database (TICKET-11975)
  • Get_all_invoice_information_m API - <plan_name> was not returned in the response (TICKET-11977)
  • Translated names were not displayed in get_supp_field_details_m and get_supp_fields_m APIs, when valid <locale_name>/<locale_no> was passed (TICKET-11987)
  • Write-off UI screen alignment issues (TICKET-12009)
  • Create_acct_complete_m incorrectly returned OK when <do_write>=false (TICKET-12056)
  • Get_invoice_information_m API displayed error message while passing <query_string as transaction_type> (TICKET-12081)
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