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Aria Knowledge Central

Release 6.47

Application Features

Support for Chase Paymentech (Salem) Tokenization (DEV-5637)

This feature supports Token IDs from Chase Paymentech (Salem) to process payments in Aria, and leverages existing tokenized credit cards by adding the capability to:

  • Store Token IDs in Aria that are returned with transaction and tokenization requests submitted to Chase Paymentech (Salem).
  • Include Token IDs in payment processing requests sent to Chase Paymentech (Salem).
  • Make the Token ID returned by Chase Paymentech (Salem) is available to clients for use by other systems.
  • Capture and display the last four digits, the expiry month and expiry year associated with the token to send support emails to end-customers when the cards is near expiry. These values are returned as part of the tokenization process. Refer to Chase Paymentech Help Documentation for more information.

Merchants must have the Safetech Format Preserving Encryption (FPE) Tokenization enabled through Chase Paymentech (Salem) to use this feature. The associated token is generated by Chase Paymentech as follows:

  • The last four digits of the card number remain the same.
  • The first six digits represent the Bank Identification Number (BIN).
  • The middle numbers are random.

Note: Aria does not support other Chase Paymentech token formats (for example, Profile Customer Reference Numbers created for the Orbital gateway).

If you have credit card information that is not tokenized by the method described above, contact Chase Paymentech for more information.

Refer to Payments for more information on payment processing.

PHP and JAVA SDKs Created (DEV-6603)

This feature separates the PHP and Java SDKs, and creates new PHP and Java SDKs.  Refer to SDKs to download.

Service Location Added to Designate Bill-to and Ship-To Addresses for Taxation (DEV-6655)

This feature supports the ability to tag addresses as bill-to and ship-to addresses through use of Service Location and Destination Contact for Avalara and Vertex O-Series tax engines. Once tagged, these addresses can be sent to your taxation provider to calculate tax.

Define a Service Location at the Client Level

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Client Settings > Service Locations

  1. Click New. The Create New Service Location screen displays.
    Create Service Location.png
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Click Save. Your new Service Location appears in the list.

Note: The Location ID is an Aria-assigned unique ID for the Service Location.

Disable a Service Location

To ensure auditing and full traceability, a Service Location cannot be edited or deleted once associated with a service or a plan instance service. You may disable a Service Location but it remains associated with the same services and plan instance services (i.e the corresponding link between the Service Location and services and/or plan instance services does not automatically update as part of the disabling process). Once a Service Location is disabled, it is not available for selection or association with a service or a plan instance service. However, you can re-activate a service location and make it available for association with a service or a plan instance service.

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Client Settings > Service Locations

  1. Select the Service Location.
  2. Select Inactive.
  3. Click Save.  The Service Location is now Inactive.

Note: To delete a Service Location, the service location must not be associated with any services and plan instance-services. If the Service Location is not associated, a red x displays next to the Service Location. Click the X to delete the Service Location.

Map a Service Location to Services in the Product Catalog

Service Location addresses are passed to the tax engine as the origin address for tax calculations. If a Service Location is associated with the service on a plan instance, that address is used. If no Service Location is associated with the service on a plan instance, then the address of the Service Location associated with the service (as defined in the product catalog) is used. If no Service Location is associated with the service in the product catalog, then the location address defined for this client under tax configuration is used as a default.

Getting Here: Click Products > Services > New

  1. Configure the new service per Create a Service.
  2. Select the appropriate Service Location from the drop-down.
  3. Click Save. The service is associated with a Service Location.

Specify Service Location and Destination Contacts for Services and Inventory Items

The Service Location (once created) and Destination Contact fields can be modified from various screens throughout the interface, including from the Account Creation, and Master Plan and Supplemental Plan instance pages.

You can assign and modify Service Locations and Destination Contacts for each service and inventory item:

  • When creating an account (Accounts > Create a New Account)
  • When adding a new plan (Accounts > Select an Account > Plans > Add Plans)AccountCreation_Service_6.47.pngAccountCreation_InvItem_6.47.png
  • When viewing a Plan Instance (Accounts > Select an Account > Plans > Select a Plan)
    Service_Plan Instance_6.47.png
Display a List of Destination Contacts at the Account Level

Getting Here: Click Accounts > Select an account > Account Overview > Contacts


  • The Contact list screen has been updated to include the Contact ID, Contact Details and Contact Type. Functionality to search by contact number has been added to the search feature.
  • If a contact has been assigned the Destination Contact for Services and/or Destination Contact for Orders, a section displays on the Contact Details screen summarizing the services and/or orders.

    Getting Here: Click Accounts > Select an account > Account Overview > Contacts

    Select an account with a Destination Contact for Services and/or Destination Contact for Orders contact type.The Contact Details screen displays.


  • If a contact is assigned to multiple Contact Types, a check box is included to Modify the Account Contact Only.  Checking this box limits any updates to the Account Contact information only and does not update other contacts. This checkbox is accessible from the Account Overview screen and the Contact Details screen.

Integrate with Avalara Tax Engine

Avalara currently supports two addresses (ship-from and ship-to) for each invoice line item, mapped to OriginCode (ship-from) and DestinationCode (ship-to).

Order of precedence for OriginCode (ship-from) address for each invoice line item:

  1. Service Location associated with the plan instance-service or Service Location associated with the order-item (Non-Subscription Offering).
  2. Service Location associated with the service defined in the product catalog (note that this does not apply to one-time orders).
  3. Standard Service location defined as the ship-from address in the tax configuration for that client (based on the corresponding Tax Service Group).

The first relevant address found for an invoice line item based on the order of precedence listed above is passed to Avalara as the ship-from address for that line item.

Order of precedence for DestinationCode (ship-to) address for each invoice line item:

  1. Destination Contact associated with the plan instance-service or Destination Contact associated with the order-item (Non-Subscription Offering).
  2. If there is no Destination Contact, then, based on the ‘Account Taxable Address To Use’ client parameter, evaluate which contact’s address (Account Contact, Billing Contact, or Statement Contact) is appropriate for the particular invoice.

The first relevant address found for an invoice line item based on the order of precedence listed above is passed to Avalara as the ship-to address for that line item.

Integrate with Vertex Tax Engine

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Integrations > Taxation Configuration > Select Vertex > Configuration tab


  1. Select the Bill-From Address and the Ship-From Address.

    • Do not use Detailed Service Location: The values manually provided in the Configuration tab form are used.
    • Use Detailed Service Location:
      • If a Service Location is associated with a service for a given plan instance on the account or with an item purchased as part of a one-time order, that Service Location is used as the bill-from address for the corresponding invoice line items.
      • If a Service Location is associated with a service in the product catalog, that Service Location is used as the bill-from address for the corresponding invoice line items.
      • If no Service Location is found based on the criteria above, then the standard Service Location (values for the fields listed on Taxation Configuration screen) is used as the bill-from address for the remaining invoice line items.
  1. Select the Default Service Location for the Bill-From Address and the Ship-From Address. The drop-down contains all active service locations defined in Client Settings. Once selected, the parameters below auto-populate.
    Vertex field_647.png

Stand-alone Refunds Enabled for Credit Card Transactions Processed with Vantiv (DEV-6725)

This enhancement supports issuing refunds to a different credit card (“stand-alone” refund) than the card used for the original transaction, through the Vantiv (Litle) payment processor. This functionality allows a credit to be issued in cases where the original credit card data is no longer valid (i.e it has been lost or stolen, has expired or been cancelled).

To support this feature, a new option for Alternate One-Time is included when processing a refund.

Note: This feature does not support alternate one-time refunds for payments made by tokenized credit cards.

Getting Here: Click Accounts > Select an account > Payments & Credits > Refunds

  1. Click New.  The Refund Details screen displays.
    Refund Reason Screen _6.47.png
  1. Select the reason for the refund from the Reason drop-down.
  2. Select Yes or No to Include Invoice Line Item Reversal.
  • Yes: The Reversal Details display with a field for Current Reversal amount. Enter the Current Reversal Amount. The total amount for the refund is calculated, including tax, by the invoice line item.
    Revere Invoicle Line 6.47.png
  • No: The Amount field displays. Enter the refund amount.
  1. Optionally, enter Comments.
  2. Click Next. The Payment Method selection displays.
  3. Select Alternate One-Time. Fields to enter a new credit card and related information display.
    Alt One Time Method 6.47.png
  4. Enter the credit card information.
  5. Click Create Refund.
  6. Click OK to confirm the refund. The refund has been processed with the new credit card information.

New Service Type “Recurring in Arrears” (DEV-6799)

A new service type called “Recurring Arrears” has been added which invoices only at the end of the billing cycle. This new service is billed for the full invoice or prorated invoice based on the billing cycle.

Getting Here: Click Products > Services > New

RecurringArrears Service_A7_6.47.png

Recurring Arrears: Allows for billing in arrears for recurring charges. This service type selection is only invoiced at the end of the billing cycle and is recognized in full either after invoicing or on the trigger date, if configured to do so. Any coupons or service credits applied are considered during the invoice time. If coupons or service credits are applied after the purchase of the plans, these are considered during the next anniversary invoice. If a plan with a “Recurring Arrears” service type is cancelled, the charges are prorated, up to the day of the cancelation. In this case, the anniversary invoice displays one line item for the full cycle charges and one line item for the credit for the mid-term cancelation.

Invoice Due Date Generated from Payment Terms, if Applicable (DEV-6930)

If a payment is configured using Payment Terms, the due date that appears in the invoice is now the Days Until Due Date that is specified in the Payment Terms.

Order Line Comments Added to Aria's Generic Tax Request and Response (DEV-6958)

Order line comments are now included in the generic tax request and response.

Application Fixes

  • Master plan status was showing as inactive instead of active (TICKET-8718)
  • Locale settings were not being saved (TICKET-11777)
  • Create new account was not adding a space between address 3 and city on contact records (TICKET-9487)
  • Note erroneously displayed company's setting for "allow usage accumulation" was not enabled at client level for usage accumulation reset value to take effect (TICKET-11548)
  • Plan did not rollover when plan status was trial (TICKET-11883)
  • Rollover to a plan option was not displayed (TICKET-11912)
  • CSR activity audit log was not displaying the same number of records as it indicated (TICKET-11926)
  • Pro-rated service credit amount was incorrectly calculated for plan cancelation (TICKET-11935)
  • Data warning error on usage history tab from account overview when <telco_from> and <telco_to> were populated (TICKET-11940)
  • Transactions were not displaying the correct amount of decimal place values (TICKET-12058)
  • Unapplied service credit amount was incorrect within Payments & Credits section, but correct from Account Overview and Statements and Invoices (TICKET-12088)
  • Account event not sending all account supplemental fields (TICKET-11943)
  • Overview page did not show country when account created with non-US countries (TICKET-11889)

API Features

Chase Paymentech (Salem) Support for Tokens - API (DEV-5637)

Aria now supports the use of a Token ID from Chase Paymentech (Salem) for processing payments. To use this feature, merchants must have the Safetech Format Preserving Encryption (FPE) Tokenization enabled through Chase Paymentech (Salem).

API Name Updates (DEV-5985)

The following APIs have been updated with the suffix "_m". This update improves organization and provides consistency in naming for APIs.

NOTE: The previous API names continue to function.

Previous API Name Current API Name
advance_virtual_datetime advance_virtual_datetime_m
assign_collections_acct_group assign_collections_acct_group_m
assign_functional_acct_group assign_functional_acct_group_m
authenticate_caller authenticate_caller_m
ban_acct ban_acct_m
cancel_acct_universal_contract cancel_acct_universal_contract_m
cancel_order cancel_order_m
cancel_unconsumed_credit cancel_unconsumed_credit_m
clear_reg_uss_config_params clear_reg_uss_config_params_m
clear_reg_uss_params clear_reg_uss_params_m
client_has_event_class client_has_event_class_m
compare_against_cc_blacklist compare_against_cc_blacklist_m
delete_reg_uss_config_params delete_reg_uss_config_params_m
delete_reg_uss_params delete_reg_uss_params_m
discard_usage discard_usage_m
gen_random_string gen_random_string_m
get_acct_comments get_acct_comments_m
get_acct_groups_by_acct get_acct_groups_by_acct_m
get_acct_groups_by_client get_acct_groups_by_client_m
get_acct_message get_acct_message_m
get_acct_message_size get_acct_message_size_m
get_acct_no_from_user_id get_acct_no_from_user_id_m
get_acct_notification_details get_acct_notification_details_m
get_acct_notify_method get_acct_notify_method_m
get_acct_open_charges get_acct_open_charges_m
get_acct_status_history get_acct_status_history_m
get_acct_supp_fields get_acct_supp_fields_m
get_acct_tax_exempt_status get_acct_tax_exempt_status_m
get_accts_with_existing_pay_method get_accts_with_existing_pay_method_m
get_all_acct_receipt_ids get_all_acct_receipt_ids_m
get_all_actions_by_receipt_id get_all_actions_by_receipt_id_m
get_all_client_receipt_ids get_all_client_receipt_ids_m
get_aria_xml_statement get_aria_xml_statement_m
get_auf_status get_auf_status_m
get_cc_velocity_info get_cc_velocity_info_m
get_child_accts get_child_accts_m
get_child_for_item_class get_child_for_item_class_m
get_client_countries get_client_countries_m
get_client_currencies get_client_currencies_m
get_client_item_classes get_client_item_classes_m
get_client_item_images get_client_item_images_m
get_client_item_prices get_client_item_prices_m
get_client_item_supp_fields get_client_item_supp_fields_m
get_client_plan_service_rates get_client_plan_service_rates_m
get_client_plan_services get_client_plan_services_m
get_copy_config_export_list get_copy_config_export_list_m
get_copy_config_export_xml get_copy_config_export_xml_m
get_country_from_ip get_country_from_ip_m
get_credit_reason_codes get_credit_reason_codes_m
get_current_system_version get_current_system_version_m
get_daily_batch_status get_daily_batch_status_m
get_email_templates get_email_templates_m
get_extended_transaction_info get_extended_transaction_info_m
get_items_by_class get_items_by_class_m
get_items_by_supp_field get_items_by_supp_field_m
get_order_items get_order_items_m
get_parent_for_item_class get_parent_for_item_class_m
get_payment_application_dtls get_payment_application_dtls_m
get_payment_applications get_payment_applications_m
get_refund_details get_refund_details_m
get_reg_uss_config_params get_reg_uss_config_params_m
get_reg_uss_params get_reg_uss_params_m
get_reversible_authorizations get_reversible_authorizations_m
get_statement_content get_statement_content_m
get_statement_content_size get_statement_content_size_m
get_statement_for_inv_size get_statement_for_inv_size_m
get_statement_for_invoice get_statement_for_invoice_m
get_supp_field_values get_supp_field_values_m
get_top_level_item_class get_top_level_item_class_m
get_user_id_from_acct_no get_user_id_from_acct_no_m
get_userid_has_ordered_sku get_userid_has_ordered_sku_m
get_virtual_datetime get_virtual_datetime_m
get_web_replacement_vals get_web_replacement_vals_m
init_paypal_bill_agreement init_paypal_bill_agreement_m
keep_alive keep_alive_m
kill_session kill_session_m
modify_acct_supp_fields modify_acct_supp_fields_m
move_payment move_payment_m
pre_calc_invoice pre_calc_invoice_m
record_out_going_payment record_out_going_payment_m
reinstate_transaction reinstate_transaction_m
remove_acct_from_group remove_acct_from_group_m
replace_reg_uss_config_params replace_reg_uss_config_params_m
replace_reg_uss_params replace_reg_uss_params_m
reverse_authorized_electronic_payment reverse_authorized_electronic_payment_m
send_acct_email send_acct_email_m
send_acct_statement_email send_acct_statement_email_m
send_arc_threshold_email send_arc_threshold_email_m
set_acct_notify_override set_acct_notify_override_m
set_acct_notify_tmplt_grp set_acct_notify_tmplt_grp_m
set_acct_tax_exempt_status set_acct_tax_exempt_status_m
set_external_object_id set_external_object_id_m
set_prov_engine set_prov_engine_m
set_reg_uss_config_params set_reg_uss_config_params_m
set_reg_uss_params set_reg_uss_params_m
settle_dispute_hold settle_dispute_hold_m
subscribe_event_class subscribe_event_class_m
subscribe_events subscribe_events_m
toggle_test_account toggle_test_account_m
transfer_account_balance transfer_account_balance_m
unsubscribe_event_class unsubscribe_event_class_m
unsubscribe_events unsubscribe_events_m
update_acct_credentials update_acct_credentials_m
update_acct_notify_method update_acct_notify_method_m
update_acct_status update_acct_status_m
update_acct_supp_fields update_acct_supp_fields_m
update_order update_order_m
update_refund_check_no update_refund_check_no_m
userid_exists userid_exists_m
userid_is_available userid_is_available_m
validate_payment_information validate_payment_information_m
void_transaction void_transaction_m
write_acct_comment write_acct_comment_m

AdminTool APIs

Previous API Name  Current API Name
add_coa add_coa_m
copy_plan copy_plan_m
create_channel create_channel_m
create_coupon create_coupon_m
create_credit_template create_credit_template_m
create_discount_bundle create_discount_bundle_m
create_discount_rule create_discount_rule_m
create_item_class create_item_class_m
create_plan_group create_plan_group_m
create_product_field_category create_product_field_category_m
create_promo_plan_set create_promo_plan_set_m
create_promotion create_promotion_m
create_revrec_profile create_revrec_profile_m
create_service_location create_service_location_m
create_supp_field create_supp_field_m
create_supp_obj_field create_supp_obj_field_m
create_surcharge create_surcharge_m
create_usage_type create_usage_type_m
delete_bundles delete_bundles_m
delete_coupons delete_coupons_m
delete_plan_group delete_plan_group_m
delete_plans delete_plans_m
delete_product_field_category delete_product_field_category_m
delete_revrec_profile delete_revrec_profile_m
delete_rules delete_rules_m
delete_surcharge delete_surcharge_m
delete_templates delete_templates_m
edit_coa edit_coa_m
edit_item_class edit_item_class_m
edit_product_field_category edit_product_field_category_m
edit_surcharge edit_surcharge_m
get_client_payment_method get_client_payment_method_m
get_coa get_coa_m
get_company_profile get_company_profile_m
get_coupon_details get_coupon_details_m
get_coupons get_coupons_m
get_discount_bundle_details get_discount_bundle_details_m
get_discount_bundles get_discount_bundles_m
get_discount_rule_details get_discount_rule_details_m
get_discount_rules get_discount_rules_m
get_plan_group_details get_plan_group_details_m
get_plan_groups get_plan_groups_m
get_plan_service_details get_plan_service_details_m
get_product_field_categories get_product_field_categories_m
get_product_field_category_details get_product_field_category_details_m
get_promo_plan_set_details get_promo_plan_set_details_m
get_promo_plan_sets get_promo_plan_sets_m
get_promotion_details get_promotion_details_m
get_promotions get_promotions_m
get_recurring_credit_template_details get_recurring_credit_template_details_m
get_recurring_credit_templates get_recurring_credit_templates_m
get_revrec_profile_details get_revrec_profile_details_m
get_revrec_profiles get_revrec_profiles_m
get_service_details get_service_details_m
get_service_types get_service_types_m
get_services get_services_m
get_supp_field_details get_supp_field_details_m
get_supp_fields get_supp_fields_m
get_supp_obj_fields get_supp_obj_fields_m
get_surcharge_details get_surcharge_details_m
get_surcharges get_surcharges_m
get_usage_type_details get_usage_type_details_m
get_usage_types get_usage_types_m
get_usage_unit_types get_usage_unit_types_m
list_coa list_coa_m
list_promo_sets list_promo_sets_m
list_supp_obj_fields list_supp_obj_fields_m
set_company_profile set_company_profile_m
update_coupon update_coupon_m
update_credit_template update_credit_template_m
update_plan_group update_plan_group_m
update_promo_plan_set update_promo_plan_set_m
update_promotion update_promotion_m
update_revrec_profile update_revrec_profile_m
update_service_location_status update_service_location_status_m
update_supp_field update_supp_field_m
update_supp_obj_field update_supp_obj_field_m
update_usage_type update_usage_type_m
validate_admin_session validate_admin_session_m

ObjectQuery APIs

Previous API Name Current API Name
get_account_status_history get_account_status_history_m
get_order_details get_order_details_m
get_payment_details get_payment_details_m
get_refund_information get_refund_information_m
get_transaction_information get_transaction_information_m
list_payment_methods list_payment_methods_m
list_payment_processors list_payment_processors_m
list_transaction_types list_transaction_types_m

Service Location Added to Designate Bill-to and Ship-To Addresses for Taxation (DEV-6655)

A new contact input array has been created to facilitate specifying various contacts for an account. This array for the following APIs includes standard account-level contact fields, as well as a new <contact_idx> input parameter. The <contact_idx> input provides a mechanism for contacts specified in the contacts array to be cross-referenced within the same API call.

  • create_order_m
  • create_order_with_plan_m
  • create_acct_complete_m
  • get_invoice_details_m
  • get_all_invoice_information_m
  • get_invoice_information_m
  • get_acct_contacts_m
  • cancel_acct_plan_m
  • update_acct_plan_m
  • update_acct_plan_multi_m
  • update_acct_complete_m
  • update_payment_method_m
  • update_contact_m
  • replace_acct_plan_m
  • assign_acct_plan_m

For the following APIs, input parameters have been added for existing contacts on an account to be reused in different contexts across the account:

  • update_acct_plan
  • update_acct_plan_multi_m
  • update_acct_complete_m
  • update_payment_method_m
  • update_contact_m

Two APIs have been created to support Service Locations:

  • create_service_location_m: Creates a new service location that can be used as the origin address for tax purposes.
  • update_service_location_status_m: Disables a service location or deletes a service location provided that it has not been associated with a service in the product catalog or with a plan instance-service on an account.

The following APIs have been been modified to include the input or output parameters specified below:

API Input Parameters Added Output Parameters Added
  • create_service_m
  • update_service_m
  • svc_location_no
  • client_svc_location_id
  • get_client_plans_all_m
  • get_acct_plans_all_m
  • get_avail_plans_for_acct_all_m
  • get_plans_by_promo_code_all_m
  • get_supp_plans_by_promo_code_all_m
  • svc_location_no
  • client_svc_location_id
  • svc_location_name
  • svc_location_company_name
  • svc_location_address1
  • svc_location_address2
  • svc_location_address3
  • svc_location_city
  • svc_location_locality
  • svc_location_state_prov
  • svc_location_country
  • svc_location_postal_cd
  • get_client_plan_services_m 
  • get_plan_service_details_m 
  • get_service_details_m
  • svc_location_no
  • client_svc_location_id
  • svc_location_name
  • svc_location_company_name
  • svc_location_address1
  • svc_location_address2
  • svc_location_address3
  • svc_location_city
  • svc_location_locality
  • svc_location_state_prov
  • svc_location_country
  • svc_location_postal_cd
  • create_service_m
  • update_service_m
  • svc_location_no
  • client_svc_location_id
  • get_client_plans_all_m 
  • get_acct_plans_all_m 
  • get_avail_plans_for_acct_all_m 
  • get_plans_by_promo_code_all_m 
  • get_supp_plans_by_promo_code_all_m
  • svc_location_no
  • client_svc_location_id
  • svc_location_name
  • svc_location_company_name
  • svc_location_address1
  • svc_location_address2
  • svc_location_address3
  • svc_location_city
  • svc_location_locality
  • svc_location_state_prov
  • svc_location_country
  • svc_location_postal_cd
  • get_client_plan_services_m
  • get_plan_service_details_m
  • get_service_details_m
  • get_client_plan_services_m
  • get_plan_service_details_m
  • get_service_details_m
  • svc_location_no
  • client_svc_location_id
  • svc_location_name
  • svc_location_company_name
  • svc_location_address1
  • svc_location_address2
  • svc_location_address3
  • svc_location_city
  • svc_location_locality
  • svc_location_state_prov
  • svc_location_country
  • svc_location_postal_cd
  • update_contact_m
  • contact_no
  • get_acct_contacts_m
  • include_unused_contacts
  • account_contact
  • contact_no
  • billing_contacts
  • bill_contact_no
  • backup_contacts
  • bkup_contact_no
  • statement_contacts
  • stat_contact_no
  • other_contacts
  • other_contact_no
  • other_first_name
  • other_middle_initial
  • other_last_name
  • other_company_name
  • other_address1
  • other_address2
  • other_address3
  • other_city
  • other_locality
  • other_state_prov
  • other_country
  • other_postal_cd
  • other_phone
  • other_phone_ext
  • other_cell_phone
  • other_work_phone
  • other_work_phone_ext
  • other_fax
  • other_email
  • other_birthdate
  • other_address_verification_code
  • other_address_match_score
  • create_acct_billing_group_m
  • update_acct_billing_group_m 
  • stmt_contact_no
  • bill_contact_no
  • billing_contact_info
  • payment_method_no
  • bill_contact_no
  • statement_contact_info
  • billing_group_no
  • stmt_contact_no
  • update_payment_method_m
  • bill_contact_no
  • bill_contact_no
  • get_acct_details_m
  • acct_contact_no
  • payment_methods_info
  • bill_contact_no
  • billing_groups_info
  • stmt_contact_no
  • other_contact_details
  • other_contact_no
  • master_plans_info
  • service_no
  • client_service_id
  • svc_location_no
  • client_svc_location_id
  • dest_contact_no
  • supp_plans_info
  • service_no
  • client_service_id
  • svc_location_no
  • client_svc_location_id
  • dest_contact_no
  • get_acct_plans_m
  • plan_services
  • svc_location_no
  • client_svc_location_id
  • dest_contact_no
  • get_order_m
  • order_items
  • item_svc_location_no
  • client_item_svc_location_id
  • item_dest_contact_no

Stand-alone Refunds Enabled for Credit Card Transactions Processed with Vantiv - API (DEV-6725)

The issue_refund_to_acct_m API has been updated with the following input parameters to support issuing refunds to a credit card other than the one supplied at the time of the transaction:

  • <alt_pay_method>
  • <cc_number>
  • <cc_expire_mm>
  • <cc_expire_yyyy>
  • <cvv>
  • <bill_first_name>
  • <bill_last_name>
  • <bill_company_name>
  • <bill_address1>
  • <bill_address2>
  • <bill_address3>
  • <bill_city>
  • <bill_locality>
  • <bill_country>
  • <bill_state_prov>
  • <bill_zip>
  • <bill_phone>
  • <bill_cell_phone>
  • <bill_work_phone>
  • <bill_email>

API Updates for PayPal International Address Verification Services (DEV-6726)

This feature enables the ability to perform international address verification services (AVS) for PayPal Accounts. The  API get_paypal_avs_status has been created to verify PayPal account addresses. The save_paypal_bill_agreement_API has been updated with the following new response fields:

  • <bill_agreement_id>
  • <paypal_email>
  • <paypal_payerid>
  • <paypal_payerstatus>
  • <paypal_countrycode>
  • <paypal_shiptoname>
  • <paypal_shiptostreet>
  • <paypal_shipttostreet2>
  • <paypal_shiptocity>
  • <paypal_shiptostate>
  • <paypal_shiptozip>
  • <paypal_shiptocountrycode>
  • <paypal_addressstatus>

The values returned from these APIs are now saved as the billing contact of a particular account or billing group.

locale_no Included in Multi-language Supported Admin Tool APIs (DEV-6904)

The following APIs, which support multiple languages, have been updated to include the <locale_no> input/output parameter:

  • get_service_details_m
  • get_plan_details_m
  • get_inventory_items_m
  • update_inventory_item_m
  • get_inventory_item_details_m
  • get_coupon_details_m
  • get_plan_service_details_m
  • get_discount_rule_details_m
  • get_promotion_details_m
  • get_usage_type_details_m
  • get_usage_unit_types_m
  • get_supp_obj_fields_m
  • get_plan_group_details_m
  • get_surcharge_details_m
  • update_service_m
  • update_promotion_m
  • update_usage_type_m
  • update_supp_obj_field_m
  • get_coupons_m

API Fixes

  • Server error message displayed for get_plans_by promo_code_all_m API (TICKET-11703)
  • get_service_details API for generic service was not returning <gl_cd> in response (TICKET-11791)
  • create_instance_contract_m call not applying contract rollover (TICKET-11875)
  • Proration amount not returned when cancelling fulfilled plan with <assignment directive>=4 (TICKET-11903)
  • get_client_plans_all_m parent_plans array was missing in the get_client_plans_all_m response (TICKET-12108)
  • bulk_record_usage_m not honoring client_master_plan_instance_id in some cases (TICKET-11856)
  • create_discount_rule error message was not generated for invalid input (TICKET-11862)
  • Update_contact_m API returns no_data_found error when submitting the request with existing contact details.   (TICKET-11908)
  • Get_unapplied_service_credits_m did not return service credits with user defined reason (TICKET-11944)
  • Updating <stmt_postal_cd> using update_acct_complete_m did not update the statement contact postal code (TICKET-12003)
  • assign_acct_plan_m activation fee was charged multiple times on the anniversary (TICKET-12008)
  • Update_acct_complete_m was returning unexpected error for status_cd -99 (TICKET-12042)

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