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Release 6.46


Enhancements and fixes to Aria functionality for this release are described below.

Release Date


System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Firefox 39
  • Chrome 44
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11

Java Settings

Java 7.0​​

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher


Application Features

Individual Line Item Percentage Allocation of Cash Credits (DEV-6736)

This feature enhances how you can apply a cash credit to individual invoice-level or service-level charges on an account. The credit can still be applied as a specific amount, and can now be divided across several items as a percentage of a total credit.

Creating a Cash Credit

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for an account > Payments & Credits > Cash Credits

  1. Click New. The Create New Credit screen displays.
  2. Fill in the Credit Reason, CSR Comment, and Qualifier fields.
  3. Select an option from the Apply Against field. New options for this feature are as follows:
  • Invoices and other account-level charges: Selecting this option presents a list of account-level charges.
  • Services (invoice line-items): Selecting this option presents a list of all unpaid charges on the account. Items in this list may be filtered by Master Plan Instance.

    If you select either Invoices and other account-level charges or Services (invoice line-items), the following options display:

  • Assign credit amount to each item: Each account-level line item charge displays an Amount field where you can enter the amount of the credit.
  • Assign percentage of total credit amount to each line item: A Credit Amount field displays where you enter the total amount of the credit you are applying. Each account-level line item charge displays a % of Total Credit field where you specify the percentage of the credit you are applying to that item. The total percentage of the credit for all lines must equal 100%. The amount of the credit automatically displays in the Amount column.

    The following graphic shows a cash credit of $50 being applied to services on an account. The first service is receiving 85% of the credit, the second service is receiving 10% of the credit, and the third service is receiving 5% of the credit.

  1. Click Create Credit.

    A confirmation screen displays.

  1. Confirm your entry, then click Create Credit.

    The cash credit immediately reduces the customer's current outstanding balance.

Display of Payment Processor Confirmation Number (DEV-6735)

This feature adds the payment processor confirmation number to the Account Overview and Payment History screens.

Getting Here: Click Accounts > Search for and select an account > Account Overview

Getting Here: Click Accounts > Search for and select an account > Payments & Credits > Payments

Changes to Account Invoice Screen (DEV-6816)

This feature enhances the account invoice screen. For prorated transactions, an additional column displays with proration information. This column, Proration Factor, shows the number of days for which the transaction is being billed, and the total number of days in the billing cycle. Hovering your mouse over the information icon for this type of transaction shows how the prorated total for the transaction was calculated.

Credit Notes (DEV-6459)

This feature enables credit notes to be sent to a designated contact when the following events occur:

  • Cash Credit: When a cash credit is issued, an email is sent to the account holder.
  • Void Invoice: When an invoice is voided, an email is sent to the first available contact in the following list:
    • Statement contact
    • Billing contact
    • Account contact
  • Refund-related Reversal: An email is sent to the first available contact in the following list. Because a refund may apply to multiple billing groups, a separate email is sent for each billing group.
    • Statement contact
    • Billing contact
    • Account number

For any event, if an email is not configured at the at the statement, billing, or account, an email is sent to the following default address: <Account userid>@<Client domain> Ex:

Client Contract ID Added When Creating and Editing Contracts (DEV-6540)

This feature allows you to specify the Client Contract ID when creating and editing a contract.

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for an account > Plans > Contracts tab > Create a New Contract

Credit Reason Displayed on XML Statements (DEV-6849)

This feature implements a new replacement string, "insertCreditReasonName" that displays the reason a credit was created in the XML statement.

Plan Details Displayed in Email Notification (DEV-6898)

This feature implements new replacement strings that display plan details in email notifications. The replacement strings, and the information they display are as follows:

  • insertCurrMPINo - plan instance number
  • insertCurrMPIName - plan instance description
  • insertCurrMPICdid - plan instance client defined ID
  • insertCurrMPIPlanNo - plan number
  • insertCurrMPIPlanName - plan name
  • insertCurrMPILastBillDate - last bill date
  • insertCurrMPINextBillDate - next bill date
  • insertCurrMPILastBillThruDate - last bill thru date
  • insertCurrMPILastArrBillThruDt - last arrear bill thru date
  • insertCurrMPILastRecurBillDate - last recurring bill date
  • insertCurrMPILastUsageBillDate - last usage bill date
  • insertCurrMPIPromoCd - promo code
  • insertCurrMPIPromoDescription - promo code description
  • insertCurrMPIDunDegradeDate - dunning degrade date
  • insertCurrMPIDunningState - dunning state
  • insertCurrMPIDunningStep - current dunning step
  • insertCurrMPIBal - master plan instance balance
  • insertCurrMPIBillingGroupNo - master plan instance billing group number
  • insertCurrMPIBillingGroupCdID - master plan instance billing group client defined ID
  • insertCurrMPIBillingGroupName - master plan instance billing group name
  • insertCurrMPIDunningGroupNo - master plan instance dunning group number
  • insertCurrMPIDunningGroupCdID - master plan instance dunning group client defined ID
  • insertCurrMPIDunningGroupName - master plan instance dunning group name

Reference Code and Payment ID for External Payments (DEV-5809)

This feature modifies the display of reference code and payment ID information for external payments to be consistent throughout the Aria UI.

Copy Configuration Performance Improvements (DEV-6668)

This feature modifies Copy Configuration to improve performance.

Vertex Tax Refunds Display as Reversals (DEV-6625)

This feature enhances the handling of partial refunds for clients using the Vertex tax engine, so reporting, as well as invoices, accurately reflect the transactions.

Usage Tier Improvement (DEV-6573)

This feature enhances usage recording. When usage is added to an account and moves into the next tier of pricing, but then some usage is discarded so there is only enough for the previous tier, the usage cost now reflects the appropriate tier.

Account Search (DEV-6783)

The Account Search page has been enhanced to show account statuses included.

Boleto Payment Method (DEV-6763)

The Boleto payment method is now available when adding a payment method.

PayPal Tracking Codes for Aria Integrations (DEV-6667)

This feature enhances PayPal-Aria integrations. As part of the current PayPal integrations with Braintree, PayPal Express and PayFlow Pro, we are passing partner information for support and tracking purposes. They are as follows:

  • For PayPal Express and PayFlow Pro, the PayPal BN code is Aria_SP
  • For Braintree, the Channel Parameter is Aria_BT

Support for First Data/PayPoint Response Codes (DEV-6643)

This feature modifies the Recent Payments section of the Account Overview screen to display longer response codes and messages in the Source and Status columns.

Batch Processing Performance Improvements (DEV-6579)

This feature modifies batch processing to improve performance.

Application Fixes

  • Plan name alignment issue in new plan status screen (TICKET-6504)
  • Promotion code details were not displayed properly (TICKET-6530)
  • Parameters missing in API Live form (TICKET-6580)
  • Plan Instance's Plan Status screen details were not displayed correctly (TICKET-6590)
  • Inconsistent behavior in recurring invoice generation when plan status was in Pending Termination status (TICKET-7596)
  • Formatting adjustments were required on the Payment Method List screen (TICKET-8050)
  • The insertOrderStmtMsg replacement string was set to NULL (TICKET-11251)
  • Price per Unit was not displaying the value of the price as mentioned in the plan on UI while creating account (TICKET-11365)
  • CSR activity was not recorded correctly in Audit logs and in CSR reports for adding and removing the payment method (TICKET-11369)
  • Multiple UI Help - tooltip issues in Plans tab (TICKET-11418)
  • Proper message was not displayed when trying to refund an amount greater than payment amount in UI (TICKET-11435)
  • "InsertCurrentOrder" replacement string maintained prior value on invoices (TICKET-11438)
  • Selecting Unapplied Service Credit returns SQL error (TICKET-11470)
  • Error returned when assigning a coupon to an account (TICKET-11494)
  • Issues with CC AVS and authorizations (Braintree) Placeholder (TICKET-11552)
  • The rollover custom rate page implementation was not done (TICKET-11561)
  • Proper error message did not display when creating a rollover contract with rollover plan having a duplicate surcharge (TICKET-11581)
  • Test account fails to create an invoice and is marked incorrectly in the UI (TICKET-11597)
  • Not able to fulfill the service when plan instance was moved to provisioning status from non-provisioning status (TICKET-11602)
  • Multiple payment methods and Master Plan Instances could not be associated with each other correctly (TICKET-11606)
  • Write-offs/Dispute holds failing (TICKET-11626)
  • Invoices not displaying all fields correctly (TICKET-11628)
  • Invoice Amounts/Proration Not Returned when other items waiting to be invoiced (TICKET-11630)
  • Screens were not displaying properly (TICKET-11641)
  • Oracle Error when replacing plan on UI (TICKET-11642)
  • Product fields in the create account template were not defaulted when no value was passed (TICKET-11648)
  • Account status is displayed as Inactive in Account Overview page after changing the status to Deactivated (TICKET-11654)
  • When surcharge was mapped to a supplemental plan when assigning the supplemental plan to master plan on UI, surcharge was not applied (TICKET-11671)
  • Birthday field accepted all characters and when it was activated other fields could not be edited (TICKET-11678)
  • Inappropriate error message was returned when user tried to create taxable service (TICKET-11698)
  • Space is missing between state/province and postal code in contacts tab (TICKET-11701)
  • Usage pooling was not working properly for master plans having more than one usage service with standard rate tier (TICKET-11705)
  • When <test_acct_id> was 4, account was successfully created (TICKET-11707)
  • Usage history and transaction list screens were timing out when there were large number of records (TICKET-11708)
  • Remove changes in invoicer.plan_unit_fulfil_inv_batch. (TICKET-11710)
  • NETS refunds sending full kroner amount (TICKET-11721)
  • Success message on Direct Post successful call was not displaying (TICKET-11727)
  • Unable to hide credit reason codes (TICKET-11741)
  • Plan Instance status of the child account was not terminated when contract moved to Completed status (TICKET-11742)
  • Cash Credit tab: if selecting create credit without entering reason code all info entered disappeared (TICKET-11745)
  • Unable to create a new plan in UI when the “Available for Future Purchase” list scope is “Selected specific inventory items” (TICKET-11751)
  • Account Contract Pending Expiration Event (732) did not contain Contract ID (TICKET-11775)
  • User could change client default locale after defining product fields and account fields (TICKET-11804)
  • Refund tax detail entry was not updated (TICKET-11809)
  • Service Credit reason was listed as Unknown even though the field was populated (TICKET-11818)
  • Incorrect Due Date on invoice with the addition of a second MPI (TICKET-11819)
  • Calendar icon displayed incorrectly when using Create Service Credit (TICKET-11824)

API Features

Update_acct_plan_multi_m Extended Fulfillment Date Support (DEV-6787)

Updating different fulfillment dates using the <plan_directive> parameter is now supported by update_acct_plan_multi_m.

Get_client_plans_all_m Performance Improvement (DEV-6576)

This feature enhances the get_client_plans_all_m API to improve its performance.

Client Contract ID Added When Creating and Editing Contracts - API (DEV-6540)

This feature modifies several APIs to allow you to specify the Client Contract ID when creating and editing a contract.

  • <Client_contract_id> was added the following APIs:
    • create_acct_universal_contract_m
    • get_acct_universal_contract_m
    • get_all_acct_contracts_m
  • <Client_contract_id> and <new_client_contract_id> were added to modify_acct_universal_contract_m.
  • <New_client_contract_id> was added to modify_instance_contract_m.

API Fixes

  • Assign_custom_acct_plan_rates_m updated services that are not recurring or usage-based (TICKET-6117)
  • Manage_pending_invoice_m API mismatch in output argument names (TICKET-7792)
  • Duplicate data issue in get_acct_plans_all_m (TICKET-11487)
  • Results from get_unbilled_usage_summary_m is incorrect (TICKET-11594)
  • Update_acct_plan_multi_m input parameter not showing correctly (TICKET-11600)
  • Payment level surcharge not applied on invoice when payment collected through alt_pay_method on create_order_with_plans_m API (TICKET-11652)
  • Missing proration credit line in get_invoice_information_m (TICKET-11664)
  • Get_acct_plan_unit_instance_all_m API not returning plans where the service is an activation fee (TICKET-11665)
  • When blank values were provided to <plan no> and <field no> in create_product_field_category API, validation error messages were displayed instead of creating a new product field category (TICKET-11667)
  • Localized account details were not retrieved for product fields at the account level for get_acct_plans_all_m and get_avail_plans_for_acct_all_m APIs (TICKET-11680)
  • Date input was not standardized for inventory items APIs (TICKET-11693)
  • Update_acct_plan_multi_m did not return invoice details when do_write = false (TICKET-11716)
  • Inconsistent date format returned on get_acct_plan_unit_instance_all_m (TICKET-11724)
  • Prorated invoice and collection were not generated in assign_acct_plan_m API response (TICKET-11753)
  • In the WSDL, for get_acct_details_all_m some fields should have been nullable (TICKET-11755)
  • <Cc_suffix> was being generated in the wrong format in get_acct_payment_history_m (TICKET-11757)
  • Assign_acct_plan_m did not choose corresponding rate scheduled based on currency (TICKET-11758)
  • <Initial_plan_status_cd> was not honored during the supplemental plan creation using create_new_plan_m API (TICKET-11782)
  • Inconsistent date format for <created_date> in apply_cash_credit_m API response (TICKET-11794)
  • Account/Account or Master Plan Instance level coupons history details were not displayed in the get_coupon_history_m API responses (TICKET-11814)
  • Assigning plans with update_acct_plan_multi_m resulted in wrong advance periods on the invoice (TICKET-11827)
  • Get_account_plan_history_m was missing some parameters in the response. (TICKET-11832)
  • For get_plan_instance_information_m, <starting_record> and <total_records> fields were not available in Dev Central and in the API-response (TICKET-11833)
  • Get_client_items_m is now deprecated (TICKET-11843)
  • Create_writeoff_or_dispute_m gives error "Amount is not in valid format" on Stage Future CPH (TICKET-11849)
  • Update_acct_plan_m API failed when custom rates were specified for activation service (TICKET-11864)

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