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Aria Knowledge Central

Release 6.45


Enhancements and fixes to Aria functionality for this release are described below.

Production Release


System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Firefox 39
  • Chrome 44
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11

Java Settings

Java 7.0​​

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Application Features

Multi-language Translation of Client-facing Account Attributes (DEV-5531)

This feature supports multi-language translation of account fields and certain plan elements when creating a new account from a template.

Note: To add a new locale option, refer to Create Locale Settings.

Account Fields

When creating new account fields, translation hyperlinks are provided for Field Name and Description. These links open a window to define additional translations for the fields.

Since the data entered directly into the form is saved as the translation for the client locale, the options in the translations window drop-down do not include the account locale.

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Client Settings > Account Fields > New


Account Field Allowed Values

The allowed values also provide translation hyperlinks.

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Client Settings > Account Fields > Select an existing field > Allowed Values

Select the Account Locale in the Account Creation Template

When you create an account creation template, you select the account locale. This account locale determines the language of the account fields in the template. This locale also determines the language for the following plan elements in the template:

  • Master Plan
  • Supplemental Plan Name
  • Surcharges
  • Surcharge Rate Schedule
  • Inventory Items: Item Name and Item Description

Note: Translation hyperlinks are provided for these plan elements within the plan configuration (Products > Plans).

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Client Settings > Account Creation > New or Select an existing template > Account Details

  • The Default Value drop-down selections show the locales configured in Locale Settings.
  • The Display parameter determines if the locale field displays in the account template.
  • The Required parameter denotes the field as required or not in the account template.
  • The Editable parameter determines if the locale field can be edited by the user on the Create New Account screen.

Functionality to Specify Plan Rollover in Days Added (DEV-5939)

When rolling over a free or discounted plan to a paid/full price plan, the free or discounted period can now be set to last a certain number of days, weeks, months, quarters or years. When the trial period expires, the plan rolls over to the full/paid plan and a prorated invoice can be generated.

Note that client parameters governing whether billing dates are reset (e.g., from a free to non-free master plan, on the assignment of the first non-free supplemental plan) will be honored with plan rollovers.

After the billing date, the plan will bill normally (i.e. subsequent invoices will be for the full billing cycle).

Getting Here: Click Products > Plans > New > Complete tabs > Rollovers
Getting Here: Click Products > Plans > select a plan > Rollovers

The drop-down for Rollover Plan now provides the option to choose a unit of day(s), week(s), months, quarters or years.

Two-way SSL Support for PHP and Ruby SDKs (DEV-6145)

This feature updates the PHP and Ruby SDKs to support two-way SSL authentication.

SEPA Direct Debit Support to Chase Paymentech Integration (DEV-6209)

This feature supports SEPA Direct Debit as a payment method to our current Chase Paymentech integration. SEPA supports the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and Bank Identifier Code (BIC) structure.

For more information about adding a payment gateway, refer to Payment Gateways.

Support for Boleto Bancario (Brazil) Through Global Collect Integration (DEV-6210)

This feature supports Boleto Bancario (Brazil) as a payment method as part of the Global Collect integration. This integration only supports one-time payments, and not recurring payments.

Note: These payments are not authorized immediately, and can take many days to be processed. Funds are transferred into the Aria client account depending on the payment processing policies of the third-party payment provider.

For more information about adding a payment gateway, refer to refer to Payment Gateways.

Support for Adyen as Payment Processor (DEV-6214)

This features integrates Adyen as a payment processor within Aria and supports the following:

  • Authorization
  • Capture
  • Authorization with capture
  • Account verification ($0 authorization)
Payment Methods and Card Types
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Maestro (for one time payments only)
  • SEPA Direct Debit
  • iDeal
  • Boleto Bancario (Brazil)
  • US Dollar
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Euro
  • British Pound
  • Brazilian Real
  • Australian Dollar
Additional Support
  • Tokenized Credit Cards
  • Account Updater (Visa & MasterCard only – not all European countries supported)

Add Adyen as Payment Processor

Consult with your Adyen Account Representative for the appropriate credentials and settings for your business. You will need the information captured below.

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Payments > Payment Gateway > Select Adyen from the drop-down

  1. Complete the above fields with the information provided by your Adyen representative.
  2. Configure updates via Secure FTP (SFTP) from the Adyen options, if desired.
  3. Select the errors for specific Card Verification Value (CVV) response codes. Note that you may need to contact the payment processor directly to ensure they are configured to not reject the result.
  4. Click Save.

Enhancement of Service Credit Applicability to an Array of Services (DEV-6428)

This enhancement improves the usability of the user interface when creating a service credit, and adds the ability to specify applicable services for the service credit.

In addition, when creating new non-subscription offerings (NSOs), you can specify if the NSO allows service credits.

To Specify Applicable Services for the Service Credit

Getting Here: Click Accounts > Search for and select an account > Payments & Credits > Service Credit > New

  1. Select Specific Plan Instances & Services.
  2. Click Select.  The following screen displays.
  3. Select one or more Plan Instances.
  4. Click Next: Services. The following screen displays.
  5. Select the services to apply the service credit to.
  6. Click Save. You are returned to the Service Credit screen.

Allow or Disallow Service Credits for NSOs

Getting Here: Click Products > Non-subscription Offerings > Select an existing NSO or New

The following question is included in the form:

Boleto Pay Method As External Payment (DEV-6762)

This feature updates the Boleto pay method from an electronic payment to an external payment.

Application Fixes

  • Field names mismatch occurred in Add New Plan page (TICKET-6059)
  • Plan details screen did not show the usage interval in pricing breakdown for usage service (TICKET-7486)
  • Payment methods screen throws unexpected error when trying to add a tokenized credit card (TICKET-8082)
  • Able to fulfill the service when master plan instance or account was in non-provisioning status (TICKET-8360)
  • Plan hierarchy link shows up on master plan instance details screen when adding supplemental plan (TICKET-8688)
  • Client-defined identifier for plan unit instance was cropped (TICKET-8745)
  • Issues on plan unit instances screen when assigning on anniversary (TICKET-8747)
  • Billing interval incorrectly displayed for quarterly plan (TICKET-9069)
  • Insert item credit reason text outputs the value for charge line items (TICKET-9374)
  • Service plan not displayed and alignments for field values were not correct (TICKET-9954)
  • No validation message was displayed while removing mandatory child plan from the contract (TICKET-9975)
  • Invalid error message was displayed while passing supplemental plan units as zero (TICKET-9979)
  • Rollover plan option didn’t show after the selecting rollover plan (TICKET-10177)
  • Promo code was not assigned to master plan instance when replacing a master plan instance (TICKET-10497)
  • When Product field date was mandatory, master plan did not get assigned (TICKET-10511)
  • Configured rate schedule was not populated in the existing created contracts (TICKET-10536)
  • Duplicate credit for child supplemental plan under credits (TICKET-10604)
  • Minimum number of selections was not working for Text, Select, Checkbox (TICKET-10693)
  • Creating an account with a non-subscription offering bundled master plan in pending installation status was throwing error (TICKET-10710)
  • Invoice and usage was not generated/recorded for child account (TICKET-10716)
  • When two dunning groups were created with no dunning process mapped, only one group dunned (TICKET-10727)
  • Errors occurred when invoice was generated for supplemental plans with child plans (TICKET-10758)
  • Credits generated were not prorated and creation date of credit was not updated (TICKET-10774)
  • Usage thresholds were copied on first plan instance only (TICKET-10794)
  • Discarded contract was not displayed with auto discard option (TICKET-10803)
  • Credit amount was not calculated correctly (TICKET-10927)
  • Inconsistent behavior when assigning the supplemental plan to the master plan (TICKET-10939)
  • Usage service based surcharge not applied for supplemental plan (TICKET-10942)
  • When surcharge was mapped to supplemental plan, surcharge was not applied (TICKET-10947)
  • When payment surcharge was mapped to credit card, account was created with ACH payment method and later changed to credit card after account creation, payment surcharge didn’t apply (TICKET-10964)
  • Plan count was not correctly displaying after modifying the contract (TICKET-10975)
  • Duplicate surcharge was allowed when "Duplicate Surcharge Assignment Behavior" was set as "Reject All Duplicates" (TICKET-11055)
  • Not able to downgrade the plan units in units modification page (TICKET-11171)
  • Incorrect collection message was on account comments section (TICKET-11178)
  • Unable to create master/supplemental plan from template (TICKET-11192)
  • Rate schedule pop-up was not aligned properly (TICKET-11199)
  • Removing a supplemental plan Instance did not show the removed plan in non-provisioned plans list (TICKET-11218)
  • Unable to create account with plan hierarchy (TICKET-11221)
  • Failing to assign child plan (TICKET-11318)
  • Discount amount not applying properly (TICKET-11321)
  • Create new account template showing surcharge rate schedule twice (TICKET-11351)
  • Alignment missing for few fields in Accounts Overview screen (TICKET-11396)
  • "Alternate Pro-ration Start Date" on plan cancellation not being honored (TICKET-11413)
  • Saved email ID was missing on edit page (TICKET-11417)
  • Error thrown for collection through ACH payment (TICKET-11427)
  • Direct Debit option from alter billing type didn’t populate debit card details (TICKET-11429)
  • Incorrect current balance due on payment section (TICKET-11431)
  • Plan Instance Fields are not visible or editable (TICKET-11448)
  • Multi-plan contract end actions were not working for the plan statuses (TICKET-11452)
  • Aria not honoring initial free period (TICKET-11457)
  • Create new account form did not filter plans based upon promo code (TICKET-11481)

API Features

Multi-language Translation of Client-facing Account Attributes (DEV-5531)

This following APIs have been enhanced to support multi-language translation of account fields and certain plan elements:

  • get_client_plans_all_m
  • get_client_plans_basic_m
  • get_plans_by_promo_code_all_m
  • get_plans_by_promo_code_m
  • get_supp_plans_by_promo_code_all_m
  • get_supp_plans_by_promo_code_m
  • get_supp_plans_by_supp_field_m
  • get_master_plans_by_supp_field_m

Client-defined ID Input for Plan Instances Added to record_usage_m and bulk_record_usage_m APIs (DEV-5810)

The new input parameter client_plan_instance_id has been introduced to the record_usage_m and bulk_record_usage_m core APIs. This optional parameter is an alt_required_field so you can choose to either specify a plan_instance_no or a client_plan_instance_id.

Functionality to Specify Plan Rollover in Days Added (DEV-5939)

The following Aria APIs have been updated to support configuring rollover plans in units of days, weeks, months, quarters or years:

API New Output Parameters





SEPA Direct Debit Support to Chase Paymentech Integration (DEV-6209)

This feature supports SEPA Direct Debit as a payment method to our current Chase Paymentech integration. SEPA supports the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and Bank Identifier Code (BIC) structure.

The following APIs are to be used to map to Chase SEPA Direct Debit parameters:

Aria Parameter Chase SEPA DD Parameter
bank_acct_no Account Number
bank_country_cd Country Code
bank_id_cd Bank Sort Code
bank_check_digit RIB code
bank_branch_cd Bank Branch Code
mandate_id Mandate ID
iban IBAN
bank_swift_code BIC

Support for Boleto Bancario (Brazil) through Global Collect Integration (DEV-6210)

This features introduces the core API record_alternative_payment_m to support Boleto Bancario as a payment method as part of the Global Collect integration. This integration only supports one-time payments, and not recurring payments.

Note: These payments are not authorized immediately, and can take many days to be processed. Funds are transferred into the Aria client account depending on the payment processing policies of the third-party payment provider.

Status Output Parameter Added to Billing Group and Dunning Group APIs (DEV-6252)

API Status Output


If the status is "1", the billing group is active for this account. If the status is "0", the billing group is disabled for this account.


If the status is "1", the dunning group is active for this account. If the status is "0", the dunning group is disabled for this account.

Querystring Keys bill_day and next_bill_date Added For get_plan_instance_information_m (DEV-6361)

For the get_plan_instance_information_m ObjectQuery API, the following parameters have been added to the list of Querystring Keys:

​Querystring Key


The last date on which the plan instance was billed.


The next date on which the plan instance is scheduled to be billed.


The date through which the plan instance has been billed

Note: These parameters are currently returned in the output of this API.

Enhancement of Service Credit Applicability to an Array of Services (DEV-6428)

Tto support specifying applicable services for service credits, the following input parameters have been added to create_advanced_service_credit_m:

  • frequency_interval_type
  • eligible_plan_instances (array)
  • client_eligible_plan_instances (array)

and the following APIs have been introduced:

  • create_service_m
  • update_service_m
  • create_inventory_item_m
  • update_inventory_item_m

gen_invoice_m  Supports invoice_no array as an Output Parameter (DEV-6539)

The gen_invoice_m API has been enhanced to generate multiple invoices for an account. The new output parameter out_invoices array contains details of invoices that may be generated. When only one invoice is involved, existing output parameters (such as invoice_no, out_billing_group_no and etc.) continue to populate.

API Fixes

  • Unable to remove supplemental plan using cancel_acct_plan_m TICKET-7432)
  • White screen populated in "Collect payment electronically" screen when updated with new contact names for the accounts enabled with consumer_acct_ind parameter (TICKET-8044)
  • create_order_with_plan_m was creating order even when the payment method removed (TICKET-8707)
  • No validation message when surcharge_no alone provided without surcharge directive (TICKET-9104)
  • Voidable flag was 0 in the response for get_acct_payment_history_m (TICKET-10239)
  • alt_msg_template_no, client_alt_msg_template_id, revrec_profile_no and client_revrec_id was empty in get_acct_details_all_m (TICKET-10374)
  • API response field names were shown as orginal_plan, original_plan_no when new supplemental plan was added in get_queued_acct_plans_m API (TICKET-10488)
  • Validation missing while adding plan unit instance fields more than max allowable values in update_acct_plan_unit_instance_m (TICKET-10613)
  • ORA exception in response of update_acct_plan_status_m API (TICKET-10624)
  • master_plan_no, master_plan_name, paid_date value is not present in get_invoice_history_m response (TICKET-10757)
  • surcharge_rate_seq_no was not updated in gl_detail table (TICKET-10778)
  • contract_rollover_plan_no, contract_rollover_client_plan_id, rollover_months, rollover_plan_no, rollover_client_plan_id, allow_child_accounts, free_trial_duration, free_trial_type value was not present in get_plan_details_m response (TICKET-10797)
  • Date field does not have proper API format for create_order_m (TICKET-10840)
  • Extra empty nodes displayed in the create_order_with_plans_m response (TICKET-10842)
  • Master plan cancelled in anniversary date when offset interval given as 3 for cancel_acct_plan_m (TICKET-10875)
  • client_coa_code is not available in the response for get_acct_plans_all_m (TICKET-10925)
  • Plan status is not getting updated after replacing master/supplemental plan for replace_acct_plan_m (TICKET-10941)
  • update_complete_m API did not throw error when passing the rate schedule no (TICKET-10949)
  • Payment level surcharge was not applied when mapped to ACH method through create_order_m (TICKET-10950)
  • Core API plan unit instance was not returned and 'No data found' error message occurred with get_acct_plan_unit_instance_all_m (TICKET-11029)
  • Unexpected error when passing surcharge in account_surcharges update_acct_complete_m (TICKET-11053)
  • Promo code was not assigned while replacing a master plan via replace_acct_plan_m (TICKET-11062)
  • Error message was displaying as ‘account does not exist’ and error_code as 1009 occurring with create_instance_contract_m (TICKET-11082)
  • Issues while providing custom rates in assign|replace|update_acct_plan_m APIs (TICKET-11083)
  • Inconsistent behavior when updating plan_status via update_acct_plan_m (TICKET-11089)
  • Unexpected error on updating invalid parent_acct_master_plan_inst_id (TICKET-11120)
  • alt_proration_start_date in assign_acct_plan_m was not honored while assigning the master plan with invoicing option (TICKET-11111)
  • When plan status changed, status didn’t change (TICKET-11137 and 11140)
  • Inventory was created as inactive using create_inventory_item_m (TICKET-11210)
  • 500 internal server error thrown in get_plan_instance_information_m (TICKET-11211)
  • stock_level field was not present in get_inventory_item_details_m (TICKET-11215)
  • create_new_plan_m was unable to create a new plan with field categories (TICKET-11234)
  • Units were displayed in invoice_line_details_row for tax line item (TICKET-11243)
  • Valid error message was not displayed in list_supp_obj_fields response (TICKET-11248)
  • get_account_plan_history_m was missing output arguments (TICKET-11254)
  • get_all_invoice_information_m missing output arguments (TICKET-11256)
  • Aria7_GA_Manual_CoreAPI_zero invoice was not generating for the initial one month free master plan (TICKET-11271)
  • Developer Central description updated for set_payment_responsibility_m (TICKET-11335)
  • Unexpected error was occurring after calling update_acct_plan_multi_m (TICKET-11398)
  • Invalid dunning group number error_msg was occurring with error_code 26013 (TICKET-11400)
  • Bill dates were not reset when replacing the zero master plan for replace_acct_plan_m (TICKET-11415)
  • Inconsistency in API List drop-down in API home page (TICKET-11430)
  • assign_acct_plan_m invoice generated for an account which already has pending invoice (TICKET-11432)
  • modify_acct_plan_unit_instances_m was not removing the number of units (TICKET-11443)
  • Master plan statuses changed to terminated while updating account status as "deactivated" via update_acct_status  (TICKET-5602)
  • Recurring arrears service was available in plan_inst_unit_instance_srvcs table (TICKET-8089)
  • Validation was missing for invalid include_rs_summary field in get_plans_by_promo_code_all_m (TICKET-9345)
  • Unwanted error message was displayed while passing custom_rate_client_plan_instance_id value in create_instance_contract_m/modify_instance_contract_m (TICKET-9532)
  • Invalid error message was displayed while removing master plan instance from the contract (TICKET-9750)
  • Multiple issues in object Query (TICKET-10903)
  • Create_order_with_plans_m for plan were not saved (TICKET-10983)
  • Plan bill dates were not getting reset while updating plan status from non-provisioned to provisioned with force_bill_date_reset as 1 (TICKET-10990)
  • When invalid data entered on get_master_plans_by_supp_field_m,  valid error message was not thrown (TICKET-11024)
  • Update_acct_plan_status_m  reset the billing dates on the status change date for master plans changing from a billable to a billable status (TICKET-11026)
  • "Queued date cannot be blank" error message was displayed for update_inventory_item_m response (TICKET-11197)
  • When invalid plan number and invalid field number was given as input in create_product_field_category, response didn’t contain data was the  response (TICKET-11225)
  • Direct post bill_address3 param had logging issue (TICKET-11312)
  • Error message was not thrown when deviating from maximum and minimum selection for product field in create_acct_complete_m (TICKET-11333)
  • Invoice was not generated and billing dates were not reset when the sync_mstr_bill_dates_on_1st_supp as 2 (TICKET-11344)
  • Additional tag appears in service array of get_acct_plan_unit_instance_all_m  (TICKET-11387)
  • Warning message was thrown after replacing the plan with product field "date" via update_acct_plan_multi_m  (TICKET-11416)
  • Set_payment_responsibility_m  was returning invalid error message (TICKET-11554)
  • Rate schedule translations were not getting updated, when updated through edit_surcharge  (TICKET-11585)
  • Unable to update billing group and master plan instance through update_acct_complete_m  (TICKET-11618)
  • No credit was generated for supplan on  replace_acct_plan_m when replacing master plan with mandatory supplan ad6 with master plan without mandatory supplans (TICKET-11619)
  • Plan status was not updating properly in plan_instance_master table when assigning the plan status in anniversary using update_acct_complete_m (TICKET-11622)
  • Get_invoice_details_m  was returning empty usage_type_cd in response (TICKET-11627)
  • Days past due on additional master plan instances should be 0 on account overview screen (TICKET-11631)
  • Unbilled usage was not billed when changing the master plan using update_acct_complete_m  (TICKET-11636)
  • Balance forward sent in create_acct_complete_m was rounded (TICKET-11646)
  • Apply_coupon_to_acct was called too early in create_acct_complete_m (TICKET-11660)

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