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Release 6.40


These release notes contain information about enhancements and fixes to Aria functionality.

Stage Future Release Date


System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Firefox 39
  • Chrome 44
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11

Java Settings

Java 7.0​​

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

User Interface Features

Event Notification Order of Precedence (DEV-5508)

The following event notifications have been modified and are sent in the following order of precedence:

NTFY4 - Contract Expiry/Renewal

  1. Statement Contact associated with the Billing Group belonging to Master Plan Instance under which the Contract belongs.
  2. Billing Contact associated with the primary payment method of the Billing Group belonging to Master Plan Instance under which the Contract belongs.
  3. Account Contact.

NTFY6 - Electronic Refund Processed

  1. Billing Contact associated with the payment method for which the refund is processed.
  2. Account Contact.

NTFY9 - Payment Method Removed

  1. Billing Contact associated with the payment method which is removed.
  2. Account Contact.

Display Tokenized Credit Card (DEV-5498)

This feature displays full tokenized credit card information on the Account Overview, Payment Methods, Plans, and Billing Groups screens. An example of a tokenized credit card, as it appears on the Payment Methods tab of the Account Overview screen appears below.

Note: The API portion of this change was implemented as part of Display Tokenized Credit Card - API (DEV-5498).

Plan Groups Screen Additional Sorting and Viewing Capability (DEV-5584)

The Plan Groups screen now provides the ability to sort each column, filter certain columns, and to show and hide columns.

The Plan Groups screen has the following features:

  • Sort By Column - By clicking the up/down arrows by each column name, you can sort the display by the values in that column.
  • Search a Column - In addition to being able to search all values in all plan groups, you can use the search box just below each column name to find values within that column.
  • Filter Columns - The Group Usage column allows you to filter the displayed plan groups by the values in this column. Click the up/down arrows in the box below the column name to see the values you can use to filter the list.
  • Show/Hide Columns: The Show/hide columns menu in the upper right corner allows you add and remove columns from the plan group display by checking or unchecking the column name in the menu.

Expanded Number of Flexible Code Fields in Aria/Vertex Integration (DEV-5015)

Aria has expanded the number of Flexible Code fields within Vertex tax configuration to 25.

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Integrations > Taxation Configuration > Select a Vertex tax configuration

Edit Plan Instance Fields (DEV-5292)

This feature allows you to edit plan instance fields from within an individual account. Previously, you could only edit these fields from within the product catalog.

Getting Here: Click Accounts > Select an account > Plans > Select a plan

When you scroll to the plan instance fields on a plan within an account, there is now an Edit button available. Click Edit to modify the plan instance fields.

After you click Edit, you see a screen where you can change the values in each plan instance field.

Search for Account by Statement Sequence Number (DEV-5295)

This feature allows you to search for an account by sequential statement ID.

Getting Here:

Click Accounts > Search > Ad-Hoc Search > Select Sequential Statement ID from the drop-down menu


Click Accounts > Search > By Sequential Statement ID

The following screen displays the two ways to access the sequential statement ID within a search.

Within an Ad-Hoc search, Sequential Statement ID is available from the drop-down menu for each search field. You can also select Sequential Statement ID directly from the list of search options in the left navigation pane.

Note: You can search for an exact number match or you can search for all sequential statement IDs that contain a specified number.

Payment Method Fields Added to Statement Template (DEV-5636)

This feature adds the following XML fields to the XML statement template.


Usage Event XSD Files (DEV-5820)

The Usage Event Notification XSD files are now available at the following links:

User Interface Fixes

  • Charges Drag and Drop Functionality Was Not Working (TICKET-4705)
  • Empty Line Displayed in Configure Selected Services Section Within Service Tab of Plan Creation (TICKET-9068)
  • Plan Instance Field Was Required Even if Not Associated with Selected Plan (TICKET-9305)
  • Plan Sorting and Filtering Issues (TICKET-9560)
  • Invoicer Job Was Failing With Fatal Error (TICKET-9878)
  • Account Name and Company Was Not Displayed Correctly (TICKET-9901)
  • Internal Error Displayed While Creating Multiplan Contract with Multiple Plan Instances (TICKET-9933)
  • Outbound Statement Message For Invoice Number Was Suppressed (TICKET-9940)
  • Issues Related To Account Hierarchy Glance In Account Overview Screen (TICKET-9957)
  • Non-Subscription Offering in Catalog Price Was Set to Plan Bundle Price in User Interface (TICKET-9967)
  • Validation Was Missing for <Master_plan_instance_no> and <Client_master_plan_inst_ID> (TICKET-9976)
  • Account Creation User Interface Full Scroll Down Was Not Working in Add Pay Method Screen (TICKET-9986)
  • Assign Master Plan With Electronic Collection Was Failing (TICKET-10056)
  • Aria Did Not Remove Master Plan Instance from Dunning (TICKET-10392)

API Features

Display Tokenized Credit Card - API (DEV-5498)

The <cc_type> output of the following APIs has been updated to support returning tokenized credit card information.

  • get_acct_details_all_m
  • get_acct_payment_methods_all_m

API Fixes

  • Update_acct_plan_m Was Not Working When Passing Plan Product Fields (TICKET-9626)
  • Update_acct_plan_m Limited the Number of Plan Instances (TICKET-9699)
  • The Following Rollover Fields Have Been Added to The Output of Get_instance_contract_m (TICKET-9866)
    • <plan_instance_status_cd>
    • <plan_instance_status_label>
    • <rollover_plan_no>
    • <rollover_client_plan_id>
    • <rollover_rate_sched_no>
    • <rollover_client_rate_sched_id>
  • Create_order_with_plan_m Was Issuing an Oracle Error (TICKET-9929)
  • Create_order_with_plan_m Issues Error With <billing_group> Set To "Other/None" (TICKET-9930)
  • When Using Create_order_m and Passing <Unit_discount_amount> Value, the Master Plan Instance ID Did Not Appear in The User Interface Credits Section (TICKET-9978)
  • Get_all_acct_contracts_m SOAP API Did Not Return Contract Plan Rollover Fields (TICKET-9990)
  • <Stmt_birthdate> in Get_acct_billing_group_details_m Was Not Formatted Correctly (TICKET-9991)
  • Create_inventory_item_m Returned Oracle Error With a <client_sku> of Over 100 Characters (TICKET-9992)
  • Get_plan_detail_m Returns Error for Some Plans (TICKET-9993)
  • Get_acct_plan_unit_instance_all Did Not Return Any Error When Called On Aria-Enabled Client (TICKET-10029)
  • Create_new_plan_m API Could Not Create Plan With Mandatory Child Plans (TICKET-10346)

WSDL File Locations

Stage Current

EUR None

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Object Query WSDL Files

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