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Aria PCI 3.0 JavaScript Tag FAQs


This article provides answers to commonly asked questions regarding the implementation of the Aria PCI 3.0 Javascript tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Aria PCI Javascript tag safe to use?

Yes, the Aria PCI Javacsript tag (ariaCHD_EOM.js) contains an object wrapper class to avoid any conflict between client functions and objects.

What will the Aria PCI JavaScript do when it is inserted on the page?

The Aria PCI Javacript tag (ariaCHD_EOM.js) searches for an HTML form with the ID “AriaPay” and overwrites the action with a defined URL and method to POST. By adding ariaCHD_EOM.js to your page, Aria is taking complete control of your form action and method, which is a requirement per the PCI 3.0 guidelines.

When will the Aria PCI Javacsript tag trigger an event?

The Aria PCI Javascript tag (ariaCHD_EOM.js) triggers an event as soon as the DOM is loaded.

Does the Aria PCI Javascript tag clear or control any events?

No. By default, the Aria PCI Javacript tag (ariaCHD_EOM.js) does not clear or control any events. This means that the client-defined event does not change.

Previously, we implemented a direct post where we created a client-side form using Javascript to pass payment data to Aria. Should the Aria PCI Javascript tag be added in this client-side form?

The Aria PCI Javacsript tag (ariaCHD_EOM.js) should be included after the form load; otherwise it will fail to perform the desired action.

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