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TMF622 Product Ordering

Aria gained conformance certification from TM Forum for this API in November 2021.

TMF622 Product Ordering API provides a standardized mechanism for placing a product order with all the necessary order parameters on Aria Billing Cloud. A product order is created based on a product offer and product specifications that are defined in a catalog. The product offer identifies the product or set of products that are available to a customer, and includes characteristics such as pricing, product options and market.

The full API specification for TMF622 can be found on the TM Forum site: TMF622 Product Ordering Management API REST Specification R19.0.1 | TM Forum

The Table below shows the API mandated resource along with mandated operations for conformance.


Operation Mandatory/Optional Comments

Response Status Code 200 if successful

    Response Status Code 404 if not found
POST M Status Code 201 if resource created

ProductOrder Operations

  • Create a product order
    • This operation creates a product order within Aria Billing Cloud
  • Retrieve product orders
    • This operation retrieves a list product orders from Aria Billing Cloud
  • Retrieve product order by filters
    • This operation retrieves a product or products based on a variety of filter conditions from Aria Billing Cloud
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