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get_refund_information_m Guide

This object includes information about a refund disbursement. Recommended query parameters include acct_no and aria_event_no for optimal performance.

API Specification: get_refund_information_m
Required Fields:
  • <client_no>
  • <auth_key>
  • <query_string>

Additional Guidance

Querystring Keys
Key Name Description
aria_event_no The Aria-assigned ID for the event.
acct_no The Aria-assigned ID of the account.
user_id The client-defined user_id for the account.
refund_amount Amount of the refund disbursement.
create_date Date on which the refund was issued.
create_user User name of the person who issued the refund.
aria_statement_no The Aria-assigned identifier for a statement.
ref_payment_event_no The payment event is being refunded.
refund_transaction_type The transaction type code of the refund.
refund_is_voided_ind Value is 1 if this refund has been subsequently voided, otherwise 0


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