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create_advanced_service_credit_m Guide

This API creates service credit in advance on an account or master plan instance.

API Specification:


Required Fields:
  • <client_no>
  • <auth_key>
  • <acct_no> or <client_acct_id>

Error Codes

Error Code/Description Associated Inputs

1001: unexpected error


1004: authentication error

Associated Inputs: auth_key, client_id, client_no

<auth_key>, <client_no>

1009: account does not exist, Account not found: AriaNo (acct_no), Account not found: Userid (userid), or Account not found: ClientId (client_acct_id)

Associated Inputs: acct_no, account_no, client_acct_id, user_id, userid, parent_acct_no

<acct_no>, <client_acct_id>

1016: invalid input, acct_no: (acct_no) is not a valid long, assignment_directive: (assignment_directive) is not a valid long, “billing_group_no: (billing_group_no) is not a valid long, threshold_billing_rule_no: (threshold_billing_rule_no) is not a valid long

Associated Inputs: alt_service_no_to_apply, assignment_directive, auto_skip_to_next_bill_date, client_billing_group_id, custom_rate_service_no/custom_rate_client_service_id, plan_instance_no, plan_instance_service_no, client_plan_instance_id, client_plan_instance_service_id, plan_instance_no, plan_instance_service_no, client_plan_instance_id, client_plan_instance_service_id, plan_instance_service_no, eligible_plan_no, eligible_service_no, email, force_master_bill_date_reset, fulfillment_only, include_master_plans, include_supp_plans, include_billing_groups, include_payment_methods, include_master_plans, include_supp_plans, include_billing_groups, include_payment_methods, invoice_no, length_months, end_date, limit, limit_records, modify_directive, contract_plan_instances_update, modify_directive, contract_plan_instances_update, offset, percent_amount, percent_eval_plan_instance_no, client_percent_eval_plan_instance_id, percent_eval_service_no, client_percent_eval_service_id, phone_ext, work_phone_ext, plan_unit_inst_status_cd, plan_units, reason_code, start_date, end_date, start_date, end_date, status_cd, acct_no, assignment_directive, billing_group_no, threshold_billing_rule_no

Additional Comments:  This error can be caused by the wrong type of input, for example, text in a numbers-only field, an  or specifying a value other than one of the documented allowable values.

  • For the get_order_m API, this is the error code returned when the user passes an invalid order value for the <status_filter_cd> input which is other than the allowed values (0/null, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).
  • For the bulk_cancel_order_m API, invalid input can occur with the <order_status_directive> argument. Allowed values are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4/null, 5 and 6.
  • For the get_acct_coupon_details_m API, invalid input can occur with the <include_all_active> input parameter (values are 0, 1 or NULL).

Alternate Message Output

1016: username cannot be longer than 30 characters
1016: first_name cannot be longer than 30 characters
1016: last_name cannot be longer than 30 characters

Associated APIs: create_user_m, update_user_m

Associated Inputs: username, first_name, last_name

<alt_service_no_to_apply>, <client_plan_instance_id>, <client_plan_instance_service_id>, <client_percent_eval_plan_instance_id>, <percent_eval_service_no>, <client_percent_eval_service_id>, <reason_code>, <acct_no>

1024: invalid date format

Associated Inputs: bill_birthdate, birthdate, degrade_date, initial_credit_date, invoice_line_reversing_date, service_fulfillment_date, queue_date, start_bill_date, end_bill_date, start_date, end_date, stmt_birthdate, bill_birthdate

Additional Comments: All date inputs must be in yyyy-mm-dd format.


1025: amount not positive

Associated Inputs: amount, percent_amount

Additional Comments: This error occurs when the percent amount is greater than 100.

<amount>, <percent_amount>

4008: invalid expiration date

Associated Inputs: alt_pay_method, cc_expire_mm, cc_expire_yyyy, credit_expiry_date, pay_method_type

Additional Comments: Dates must be in yyyy-mm-dd format.


14035: Invalid client Plan id

Associated Inputs: client_plan_id, custom_rate_client_plan_instance_id


14036: Invalid client service id

Associated Inputs: client_service_id, client_plan_instance_service_id, client_percent_eval_service_id, custom_rate_client_service_id

<client_service_id>, <client_plan_instance_service_id>, <client_percent_eval_service_id>

14041: Eligible Plan no/plan ID is required when Eligible service no/service ID is specified

Associated Inputs: eligible_plan_no, client_eligible_plan_id, eligible_service_no, client_eligible_service_id, plan_no, service_no, client_plan_id, client_service_id


14046: If you passed in an invalid plan_instance_no, this message will appear: "Invalid Plan instance number". If you passed in an invalid master_plan_instance_id, this message will appear: "Invalid master_plan_instance_id".

Associated Inputs: plan_instance_no, master_plan_instance_id, filter_plan_instance_no, percent_eval_plan_instance_no, client_plan_instance_id

Additional Comments: The plan_instance_no or master_plan_instance_id must belong to the account, or it is invalid. The percent_eval_plan_instance_no must belong to the account and also to the MPI given in input.

<percent_eval_plan_instance_no>, <client_plan_instance_id>

14047: If you passed in an invalid client_plan_instance_id, this message will appear: "Invalid client Plan instance identifier". If you passed in an invalid client_master_plan_instance_id , this message will appear: "Invalid client_master_plan_instance_id".

Associated Inputs: client_plan_instance_id, client_master_plan_instance_id, client_percent_eval_plan_instance_id


20014: invalid service type


20015: eligible service types must unique

Associated Input: eligible_service_type


20020: Credit expiration month is mandatory when expiration indicator is given as M.

Associated Inputs: credit_expiry_type_ind, credit_expiry_months

<credit_expiry_type_ind>, <credit_expiry_months>

20021: Invalid credit expiration Indicator.

Associated Input: credit_expiry_type


20022: Invalid credit expiration Indicator or frequency number.

Associated Inputs: credit_expiry_type_ind, frequency_interval_type

<credit_expiry_type_ind>, <frequency_interval_type>

20023: Invalid credit expiration date. Credit expiration date should be in future.

Associated Input: credit_expiry_date


20024: Credit expiration date is mandatory when expiration indicator is given as D.

Associated Inputs: credit_expiry_type_ind, credit_expiry_date

<credit_expiry_type_ind>, <credit_expiry_date>

20025: The credit expiry month should be a positive integer.

Associated Input: credit_expiry_month


20034: An unexpected value was entered in the service_code_option field. Please review this value and ensure it matches one of the allowable values.

Associated Input: service_code_option


20035: The service_code_option entered suggests handling that involves alt_service_no_to_apply or client_alt_service_id_to_apply. Please either update the service_code_option or include an input for alt_service_no_to_apply or client_alt_service_id_to_apply.

Associated Input: service_code_option, alt_service_no_to_apply, client_alt_service_id_to_apply

<service_code_option>, <alt_service_no_to_apply>, <client_alt_service_id_to_apply>

20036: The service_code_option entered suggests handling that does not involve alt_service_no_to_apply or client_alt_service_id_to_apply. Please update either the .service_code_option or remove the input from alt_service_no_to_apply or client_alt_service_id_to_apply

Associated Input: service_code_option, alt_service_no_to_apply, client_alt_service_id_to_apply

<service_code_option>, <alt_service_no_to_apply>, <client_alt_service_id_to_apply>

20037: The percent_eval_service_no input field only accepts recurring and recurring in arrears service types.

Associated Input: percent_eval_service_no


20038: Expiration date needs to be greater than application date of the last recurring service credit.

Associated Input: credit_expiry_date


20039: Invalid frequency interval type.

Associated Input: frequency_interval_type


20040: Credit expiry period cannot be more than 999 Days/Weeks/Months.

Associated Input: credit_expiry_period


20041: Credit expiry period should be positive integer.

Associated Input: credit_expiry_period


20042: Credit expiry period is required.

Associated Input: credit_expiry_period


20043: Credit interval length is required.

Associated Input: frequency_interval_length


20044: Credit interval length should be positive integer.

Associated Input: frequency_interval_length


25020: Illegal characters entered

Associated Inputs: All character field inputs like firstname lastname, dunning_group_name, comments, etc.

All character field inputs like comments, etc.

Additional Guidance:

Input Fields
Field Name: Notes:
Allowable values
Values Description
1 General Credit/Other
2 Inadequate Service Delivery
3 Billing / Pricing Issue
4 Service no longer desired
5 Customer Dissatisfaction
6 Installation Issue
9 Customer Return
11 System Testing
Allowable values
Values Description
RC Recurring Service
US Usage Service
TX Tax Service
AC Activation Service
MS (DEPRECATED) Miscellaneous Service
CN Cancellation Service
OR Order Based Service
MN Minimum Fee Service
RA Recurring Arrears Service
SC Surcharge Service

If you pass in a <credit_expiry_type_ind>, then <credit_expiry_period> is required.

Allowable values
Values Description
M Service credit expiration in months
W Service credit expiration in weeks
Y Service credit expiration in days
D Service credit expiration on specific date
<credit_expiry_months> You can pass in frequency_no,  credit_expiry_months or credit_expiry_date (based on credit_expiry_type_ind), and frequency_interval_type to create a recurring service credit with an expiration month/date. 

You can pass in frequency_no,  credit_expiry_months or credit_expiry_date (based on credit_expiry_type_ind), and frequency_interval_type to create a recurring service credit with an expiration month/date.

The expiration date must be after the application date of the last service credit applied based on your specified frequency_no. Example: If you create a service credit to be applied in the next 2 months, the expiration date must be more than 2 months away.


You can pass in <frequency_no>,  <credit_expiry_months>, or <credit_expiry_date> (based on <credit_expiry_type_ind>), and <frequency_interval_type> to create a recurring service credit with an expiration month/date.

If you pass 6 (weekly) or 7 (daily) into this field,  then you must also pass in a <frequency_interval_length>.

Allowable values
Values Description
1 Monthly
2 Bi-monthly
3 Quarterly
4 Semi-annually
5 Annually
6 Weekly
7 Daily

To specify the credit expiration, pass a value into this field and the <credit_expiry_type_ind> field.

Example: If you pass Y (days) into the <credit_expiry_type_ind> field and 5 into the <credit_expiry_period> field, it means that the credit will expire 5 days after it is applied to an account.

  • This field is required if you passed in a <credit_expiry_type_ind>.
  • A specific date is not supported in this field. To specify the date on which a credit expires, use the <credit_expiry_date> field.

Example: If you pass 4 into this field and 6 (weekly) into the <frequency_interval_type> field, then the service credit will be applied every 4 weeks.

This field is required if you passed 6 (weekly) or 7 (daily) into the <frequency_interval_type> field.

Allowable values
Values Description
  If no value is entered in this field, the universal service will be used unless a value is entered in the alt_service_no_to_apply or client_alt_service_id_to_apply field. Then the referenced service will be used instead.
0 Aria's universal service will be used to apply this service credit which excludes taxes.
1 The service associated with this service credit can be selected using the alt_service_no_to_apply or client_alt_service_id_to_apply input fields. Tax handling for the service credit will reflect the settings for the service selected.
2 The service associated with this service credit will match the charge line item. This will result in tax handling that matches the original charge.
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