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copy_acct_payment_method_m Guide

This API copies one or more payment methods (and their associated billing contact information) from one customer account in Aria to a different customer account. Clients must validate that the account owner is the same for both the source and target accounts prior to calling this API. Note that payment methods copied to the target account are not by default associated with a billing group. If no payment methods are specified, all non-disabled payment methods on the source account are copied to the target account.

This API must be enabled for use with your organization. Please contact Aria Support for additional information.

SPECIAL NOTICE: To provide both security and flexibility, you can copy payment information between accounts within an Aria client environment. Movement of payment data from a source account to a target account is not validated. It is is the client's responsibility when using this API to ensure that the owner of the source account and the target account is the same. Aria is not responsible for any errors caused when using this API to move payment data.

API Specification:


Required Fields:
  • <client_no>
  • <auth_key>
  • other required fields if applicable
  • <source_acct_no> or <client_source_acct_id>
  • <target_acct_no> or <client_target_acct_id>
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