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get_credit_details_m Guide

This API returns a particular service credit details for an account or master plan instance.

API Specification: get_credit_details_m
Required Fields:
  • <client_no>
  • <auth_key>
  • <acct_no> or <client_acct_id>
  • <credit_no>

Additional Guidance  

Output Fields  
Field Name Notes
Allowable values 
Values Description
C Cash Credit
S Service Credit
Allowable values
Values Description
M Service credit expiry in months.
W Service credit expiry in weeks.
Y Service credit expiry in days.
D Service credit expiry in specfic date.
Allowable values
Values Description
RC Recurring Service
US Usage Service
TX Tax Service
AC Activation Service
CN Cancellation Service
OR Order Based Service
MN Minimum Fee Service
RA Recurring Arrears Service
SC Surcharge Service

Error Codes

Error Code/Description Associated Inputs

1001: unexpected error


1004: authentication error

Associated Inputs: auth_key, client_id, client_no

<auth_key>, <client_no>

1009: account does not exist, Account not found: AriaNo (acct_no), Account not found: Userid (userid), or Account not found: ClientId (client_acct_id)

Associated Inputs: acct_no, account_no, client_acct_id, user_id, userid, parent_acct_no

<acct_no>, <client_acct_id>

1066: Locale name does not exist in the system.

Associated Inputs: locale_name


1067: Locale no does not exist in the system.

Associated Inputs: locale_no, master_plan_instance_no

<locale_name>, <master_plan_instance_no>

14046: If you passed in an invalid plan_instance_no, this message will appear: "Invalid Plan instance number". If you passed in an invalid master_plan_instance_id, this message will appear: "Invalid master_plan_instance_id".

Associated Inputs: plan_instance_no, master_plan_instance_id, filter_plan_instance_no, percent_eval_plan_instance_no, client_plan_instance_id

Additional Comments: The plan_instance_no or master_plan_instance_id must belong to the account, or it is invalid. The percent_eval_plan_instance_no must belong to the account and also to the MPI given in input.

<plan_instance_no>, <master_plan_instance_id>

14047: If you passed in an invalid client_plan_instance_id, this message will appear: "Invalid client Plan instance identifier". If you passed in an invalid client_master_plan_instance_id , this message will appear: "Invalid client_master_plan_instance_id".

Associated Inputs: client_plan_instance_id, client_master_plan_instance_id, client_percent_eval_plan_instance_id


20027: Invalid credit number

Associated Inputs: credit_no

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