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get_acct_status_history_m Guide

Returns the history of modifications to an account's status.

API Specification: get_acct_status_history_m
Required Fields:
  • <client_no>
  • <auth_key>
  • <account_no> or <client_acct_id>

Additional Guidance

Output Fields
Field Name Notes

Returns the results in the ascending order of the timestamp when the status change occurred. Results identify the resource which made the status change.

Note: Status changes can be made by a UI user, API call, Aria batch daemon, etc.

Error Codes

Error Code/Description Associated inputs

1001: unexpected error


1004: authentication error

Associated Inputs: auth_key, client_id, client_no

<auth_key>, <client_no>

1009: account does not exist, Account not found: AriaNo (acct_no), Account not found: Userid (userid), or Account not found: ClientId (client_acct_id)

Associated Inputs: acct_no, account_no, client_acct_id, user_id, userid, parent_acct_no

<account_no>, <client_acct_id>

8008: message does not exist

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