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Update an existing inventory item

Note: The previously existing input and/or output fields <client_item_id>, <client_item_id_out> and/or <filter_client_item_id> were removed from this API call in Release 47.

Input Arguments

Req Field Name Field Type Max Length Description
required-icon.png client_no long 22 Aria-assigned unique identifier indicating the Aria client providing service to this account.
required-icon.png auth_key string 32 Aria-assigned unique key to be passed with each method call for authenticating the validity of the requestor.
required-icon.png item_no int 8 Specifies the Inventory item number
  existing_client_sku string array 100 Client SKU of the NSO/Inventory Item
required-icon.png item_type int 1 Item Type for the inventory item. Valid values are: 0 - Inventory Item, 1 - Months To Stack (Deprecated), 2 - Resource Item
required-icon.png item_name string 100 Specifies the inventory item name. Translatable.
required-icon.png item_desc string 300 Specifies description of Inventory item. Translatable.
required-icon.png service_no int 8 Specifies Service number for the Inventory item
  client_service_id string 100 Specifies Client defined unique id for the service
required-icon.png service array    
required-icon.png brd_arrow.gifservice_no int 8 Specifies Service number for the Inventory item
  brd_arrow.gifclient_service_id string 100 Specifies Client defined unique id for the service
required-icon.png brd_arrow.gifname string 100 Specifies Service name for the Inventory item
  brd_arrow.gifgl_cd string 30 Specified chart of access code
  brd_arrow.giftaxable int 1 Indicates If The service has tax associated with it [can be 0 or 1]; 1 indicates taxable and 0 indicates non taxable.
  brd_arrow.giftax_group int 8 Specifies tax group associated with service. This will be null if taxable_ind is set to 0. If taxable_ind is 1 then this field is required
  brd_arrow.gifcommodity_cd string 20 Commodity Code
  brd_arrow.gifprice float array 11 This attribute is not in use. It is just a placeholder.
required-icon.png client_sku string 30 SKU specified by client for the inventory item
required-icon.png currency_cd string   Specifies the currency code for Inventory item. It is case insensitive ( ex. both usd and USD will work ) 
required-icon.png item_price string 12 Specifies the price for Inventory item for currencies. Count of value passed for the 'price_per_unit' parameter should be the same as 'currency_cd'.
  active_ind int 1 Specifies if inventory item is active or inactive. Valid values are: 0 - Inactive and 1 - Active
  schedule array   This array contains the rate schedule information.
  brd_arrow.gifschedule_no string 100 Specifies the schedule number whose details is going to be edited. This can be nullable for new services.REST input arrays should passed in the following format: schedule[0][schedule_no]=1212121&schedule[1][schedule_no]=4234232 etc where schedule[0] specifies first schedule and schedule[1] specifies the second schedule and so on. <br/>Note: If a rate schedule has been used on an inventory item, then it cannot be deleted. If no price has been provided for a currency in a rate schedule, then the corresponding rate schedule is automatically deleted.

Name for the rate schedule to be created. Translatable.

  brd_arrow.gifclient_rate_schedule_id     Client-defined unique identifier.
  brd_arrow.gifcurrency_cd     Currency for the schedules to be created.
  brd_arrow.gifis_default     Denotes whether this rate schedule is the default for this plan. One and only one rate schedule can be marked as "default." The value of 1 is defaulted for the first rate schedule for a given currency denoting it is the default. For subsequent rate schedules, the default is set to 0.
  brd_arrow.giftax_inclusive_rate     This flag denotes if this rate is inclusive of the taxes. 1 is tax inclusive and 0 is tax exclusive.  If not passed, the value is set to 0 (tax exclusive).
  brd_arrow.giftier     This array contains tiered pricing information for the given rate schedule.
  brd_arrow.gifamount     Tiered pricing rule that specifies rate per unit.
  brd_arrow.giffrom     Tiered pricing rule that specifies “from” units.
  brd_arrow.gifto     Tiered pricing rule that specifies “to” units.
  brd_arrow.gifdescription     This field is used to display custom rate tier description. This will override the rate tier's description at service level.
  purchase_scope int 1 Specifies purchase scope for inventory item. Valid values are: 0 - No purchase restrictions and 1 - Can be purchased with qualifying plans only
  tax_inclusive_ind string 1 This flag denotes if a rate is inclusive of the taxes. Value of 1 means tax inclusive rates and a value of 0 (default) means tax exclusive rates. Count of value passed for the 'tax_inclusive_ind' parameter should be the same as 'currency_cd'.
  modify_price_ind string 1 Specifies if CSR's may modify Inventory item price. Valid values are: Y - Yes and N - No
  subunit_qty int 12 Subunit Quantity If item_type=0 and subunit_label is not null then this field is required
  subunit_label string 100 Subunit Label If item_type=0 and quantity_per_item is not null then this field is required. Translatable.
  pricing_rule int  

Specifies the pricing rule of the tier calculations.

Allowable values for pricing_rule:
  queued_active_ind int 1 Specifies whether to queue  the activation or not. Valid values are 0 - No, 1- Yes
  queued_active_date string 10 Specifies date to activate or deactivate the item
  do_auto_create_service_credit int 1 Specifies whether to automatically create service credit or not. Valid values are 0 - No, 1- Yes
  days_to_expiry int 3 Specifies the number of days to expiration for resources on this SKU
  resource_type_no string   The assigned identifier for a resource. This should not be null if item_type = 2 
  resource_units string   Number of units of resource. This should not be null if item_type = 2
  stock_level_track int   Specifies whether the stock level can be adjusted or not. Allowed values are 1 or 0
  stock_level_adjust float   Specifies the number to adjust the stock level with
  image array    
required-icon.png brd_arrow.gifdefault_image_url string 1000 Specifies the main image url for the image
required-icon.png brd_arrow.gifthumbnail_image_url string 1000 Specifies the thumbnail url for the image
  brd_arrow.gifimage_text string 50 Specifies the description of the image
required-icon.png brd_arrow.gifdefault_ind int 1 Specifies whether this is the default image or not
required-icon.png brd_arrow.gifactive int 1 Specifies whether this image is active or not
  parent_class int array 8 Specifies the parent class this class belongs to
  supplemental_obj_field array   Specifies the supplemental object fields to be added for this item
  brd_arrow.giffield_no int 100 the field no
  brd_arrow.giffield_name string 100 the field name
  brd_arrow.giffield_value string array   the field value
  edit_directive int  

A directive that indicates the action to be taken. This new parameter applies to the schedule in the API.

Allowable values for edit_directive:
  locale_no int 38 Aria-assigned unique identifier of the locale used for translations.
  locale_name string 32 Name of the locale to which the translations belong.
  allow_service_credits string 1 Y / N. Determines whether or not the inventory item can consume service credits. Null value = yes.
  installment_terms     A list of installment terms can be mapped to an inventory item
  brd_arrow.gifinstallment_term_no long   Installment no.
  brd_arrow.gifclient_installment_term_id string   Client installment ID.
  brd_arrow.gifis_default int  

The value of 1 is defaulted for the first installment term denoting it is the default. For subsequent installment terms, the default is set to 0. Alternate boolean values are accepted.

Allowable Values for is_default:

Output Arguments

Field Name Field Type Description
error_code long Aria-assigned error identifier. 0 indicates no error
error_msg string Textual description of any error that occurred. "OK" if there was no error.
item_no int Specifies the Inventory item number
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