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create_discount_rule_m Guide

Creates a discount rule

Note: The previously existing input and/or output fields <client_item_id>, <client_item_id_out> and/or <filter_client_item_id> were removed from this API call in Release 47.


API Specification: create_discount_rule_m
Required Fields:
  • <client_no>
  • <auth_key>
  • <label>
  • <rule_id>
  • <description>
  • <ext_description>
  • <flat_percent_ind>
  • <amount>
  • <currency>
  • <duration_type_ind>
  • <inline_offset_ind>
  • <discount_behavior_type_ind>
  • <service_code_to_use>
  • <scope_no>

Additional Guidance      

Input Fields      
Field Name Notes
Allowable values
Values Description
P Percentage discount type
F Fixed discount type
Allowable values
Values Description
U Number of uses
M Duration in months
W Duration in weeks
D Duration in days
I Never expires
Allowable values
Values Description
0 All Charges
10 All Plan Charges, All Plans
11 All Plan Charges, Specified Plans
12 All Plans, Specified Service Charges
13 Specified Plan/Service Charges
21 All Recurring Service Charges
22 All Usage Service Charges
23 All Activation Service Charges
30 All Item Charges
31 Specified Item Charges
Allowable values 
Values Description
E Applies discount to each transaction on the invoice (current behavior)
M Applies discount to all the transaction on the invoice. Any remaining credit will be carried over to next month.
Allowable values
Values Description
TRUE  Apply discount when 'all' of the plans are under the account
FALSE Apply discount when 'some' of the plans are under the account


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