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get_users_m Guide

API Specification: get_users_m
Required Fields:
  • <client_no>
  • <auth_key>

Error Codes

Error Code/Description Associated Inputs

1004: authentication error

Associated Inputs: auth_key, client_id, client_no

<auth_key>, <client_no>

1012: invalid input format

Associated Inputs: client_receipt_id

Additional Comments: This value must be unique for a client and must be alphanumeric. A previously used client_receipt_id can be reused if all those previous calls have failed (with an error_code other than 0/OK), if the client parameter NEVER_ALLOW_USED_RECEIPT_ID = FALSE.

Alternate Message Output

1012: email is invalid
1012: include_archived_user is invalid
1012: status is invalid

Associated APIs: create_user_m, get_users_m, update_user_m

Associated Inputs: email, include_archived_user, status

Alternate Message Output Associated Inputs<include_archived_user>



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