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update_payment_method_m Error Messages


The following error messages can be generated by update_payment_method_m.

1001: unexpected error

1004: authentication error

Associated Inputs: auth_key, client_id, client_no

1016: invalid input, acct_no: (acct_no) is not a valid long, assignment_directive: (assignment_directive) is not a valid long, “billing_group_no: (billing_group_no) is not a valid long, threshold_billing_rule_no: (threshold_billing_rule_no) is not a valid long

Associated Inputs: alt_service_no_to_apply, assignment_directive, auto_skip_to_next_bill_date, client_billing_group_id, custom_rate_service_no/custom_rate_client_service_id, plan_instance_no, plan_instance_service_no, client_plan_instance_id, client_plan_instance_service_id, plan_instance_no, plan_instance_service_no, client_plan_instance_id, client_plan_instance_service_id, plan_instance_service_no, eligible_plan_no, eligible_service_no, email, force_master_bill_date_reset, fulfillment_only, include_master_plans, include_supp_plans, include_billing_groups, include_payment_methods, include_master_plans, include_supp_plans, include_billing_groups, include_payment_methods, invoice_no, length_months, end_date, limit, limit_records, modify_directive, contract_plan_instances_update, modify_directive, contract_plan_instances_update, offset, percent_amount, percent_eval_plan_instance_no, client_percent_eval_plan_instance_id, percent_eval_service_no, client_percent_eval_service_id, phone_ext, work_phone_ext, plan_unit_inst_status_cd, plan_units, reason_code, start_date, end_date, start_date, end_date, status_cd, acct_no, assignment_directive, billing_group_no, threshold_billing_rule_no

Additional Comments:  This error can be caused by the wrong type of input, for example, text in a numbers-only field, an  or specifying a value other than one of the documented allowable values.

  • For the get_order_m API, this is the error code returned when the user passes an invalid order value for the <status_filter_cd> input which is other than the allowed values (0/null, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).
  • For the bulk_cancel_order_m API, invalid input can occur with the <order_status_directive> argument. Allowed values are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4/null, 5 and 6.
  • For the get_acct_coupon_details_m API, invalid input can occur with the <include_all_active> input parameter (values are 0, 1 or NULL).

Alternate Message Output

1016: username cannot be longer than 30 characters
1016: first_name cannot be longer than 30 characters
1016: last_name cannot be longer than 30 characters

Associated APIs: create_user_m, update_user_m

Associated Inputs: username, first_name, last_name

1024: invalid date format

Associated Inputs: bill_birthdate, birthdate, degrade_date, initial_credit_date, invoice_line_reversing_date, service_fulfillment_date, queue_date, start_bill_date, end_bill_date, start_date, end_date, stmt_birthdate, bill_birthdate

Additional Comments: All date inputs must be in yyyy-mm-dd format.

1033:  a parameter that represents a true or false value contains invalid input

Associated Inputs: alt_collect_on_approve, alt_send_statement_on_approve, cancel_orders_on_discard, cascade_action, do_auto_discard, do_collect, change_status_after_coll, reset_dates_after_status, disable_existing_on_update, do_write, exclude_terminated_plan_inst, include_all_rate_schedules, include_plan_hierarchy, retrieve_bundled_nso, retrieve_included_nso, include_translations, include_inactive_items, include_invoice_activity_eligibility, include_rs_summary, include_translations, include_service_supp_fields/include_product_fields/, include_plan_instance_fields/include_plan_services/, include_surcharges, include_void_transactions, include_voided, invoice_unbilled_usage, is_unlinked_refund, record_cc_on_auth_failure, retrieve_excluded_usage, send_email, usage_pooling, do_write

1066: Locale name does not exist in the system.

Associated Inputs: locale_name

1067: Locale no does not exist in the system.

Associated Inputs: locale_no, master_plan_instance_no

4006: invalid pay method

Associated Inputs: alt_pay_method, pay_method_type, pay_method_type

4008: invalid expiration date

Associated Inputs: alt_pay_method, cc_expire_mm, cc_expire_yyyy, credit_expiry_date, pay_method_type

Additional Comments: Dates must be in yyyy-mm-dd format.

4009: invalid cc number

Associated Inputs: cc_number, alt_pay_method, cc_num, pay_method_type

4010: invalid bank draft info

Associated Inputs: bank_acct_no, bank_routing_no, alt_pay_method

Additional Comments:

  1. The client parameter BANK_DRAFT_INDICATOR must be enabled.
  2. Bank_acct_no and bank_routing_no are required.
  3. Valid bank_routing_no from Aria's ABA lookup in case of US address.
  4. Bank_routing_no must be numeric.
  5. For US, bank_routing_no should be 9 digits in length (left padded with zeros).
  6. Bank_routing_no must pass checksum validation.

4011: cc authorization failed

Associated Inputs: alt_pay_method, cc_number, cc_expire_mm, cc_expire_yyyy, pay_method_type

Additional Comments: $1 authorization has failed.

4017: duplicate payment method client defined id.

Associated Inputs: client_payment_method_id, new_client_payment_method_id

Additional Comments: This value must be unique at the client level.

4022: invalid cc id

Associated Inputs: pay_method_type, cc_id

4023: The payment method provided is currently associated with a billing group and cannot be disabled. Either remove the payment method from the billing group before disabling it, or call the remove_acct_payment_method_m API to remove that payment method from the account.

Associated Inputs: disabled_ind, payment_method_no, client_payment_method_id

5017: invalid iso country code

Associated Inputs country, bank_country_cd, bill_country

5018: account in uneditable status

Additional Comments: If the account is in an archived state, edit is not allowed.

6003: could not validate billing information

Associated Inputs: pay_method_type, cc_auth_amount

Additional Comments: There was an error during the $1 authorization attempt.

6021: Invalid state_prov entered

Associated Inputs: bill_state_prov, state_prov, stmt_state_prov, bill_state_prov

6027: IBAN is alphanumeric and is 16 to 34 characters in length

Associated Inputs:  iban, alt_pay_method_iban

6029: Bank swift code is alphanumeric and is 8 or 11 characters in length

Associated Inputs: bank_swift_cd, alt_pay_method

6031: BBAN is numeric and up to 16 digits

Associated Inputs: alt_payment_method, bank_acct_no

6033: Bank branch code is numeric and up to 10 digits

Associated Inputs: bank_branch_cd

6034: Basic bank account number or IBAN is required for Direct Debit

Associated Inputs: iban, bank_acct_no

6045: Account can have only one active NETS payment method.

Associated Inputs: payment_method_type

6053:Either IBAN or Agreement ID is required for this payment method. 

Associated Inputs: iban, bill_agreement_id, pay_method_type, alt_pay_method

14121: Include Master Plan Instances in order to retrieve Supplemental Plan instances.

Associated Inputs: include_master_plans, include_supp_plans

Additional Comments:  You must include Master Plans when retreiving suplemental Plans.

20026: agreement id OR credit card info is required

Associated Inputs: pay_method_type, bill_agreement_id, cc_num

Additional Comments: The pay_method_type is "13", the bill_agreement_id is null and cc_num is null.

25020: Illegal characters entered

Associated Inputs: All character field inputs like firstname lastname, dunning_group_name, comments, etc.

25023: Primary payment method is required.

Associated Inputs: pay_method_type, pay_method_name, client_pay_method_cdid,bill_agreement_id

Additinal Comments: There must be a primary pay method before setting up a secondary pay method. When the primary pay method is removed, then the secondary becomes primary.

25025: Backup pay method cannot be different than primary pay method

Associated Inputs: new pay_method_type, primary_payment_method_no, backup_payment_method_no, client_primary_payment_method_id, client_backup_payment_method_id

25026: Primary pay method cannot be different than backup pay method

Associated Inputs: new pay_method_type, primary_payment_method_no, backup_payment_method_no, client_primary_payment_method_id, client_backup_payment_method_id

25027: Provided payment method is not a credit card

Associated Inputs:cc_expire_yyyy, cc_expire_mm, pay_method_type

Additional Comments: expiry date can be modified only for credit card.

25028: Provided payment_method_id is already in a disabled state.

Associated Inputs: payment_method_type, payment_method_no, client_payment_method_id

25042: The expiration date for tokenized credit cards cannot be edited as that information is provided by the payment processor.

Associated Inputs: cc_expire_yyyy, cc_expire_mm, payment_method_no, client_payment_method_id

25043: Primary payment method does not support secondary pay method.

Associated Inputs: new pay_method_type, primary_payment_method_no, backup_payment_method_no, client_primary_payment_method_id, client_backup_payment_method_id, pay_method_type

Additional Comments: The primary_client_payment_method_id is not 1, 2, or 13) and the backup_client_payment_method_id is not null.

25044: Secondary payment method type must match the primary.

Associated Inputs: new pay_method_type, primary_payment_method_no, backup_payment_method_no, client_primary_payment_method_id, client_backup_payment_method_id

Additional Comments: The backup_client_payment_method_id is not 1, 2, or 13.

26004: Include billing groups in order to retrieve payment methods.

Associated Inputs: include_billing_groups, include_payment_methods

26007: Provided client defined pay method ID does not exist for this account.

Associated Inputs: client_payment_method_id, client_primary_payment_method_id, client_backup_payment_method_id

26008: Provided payment_method_id does not exist for this account.

Associated Inputs: payment_method_no, payment_method_no, client_payment_method_id, primary_payment_method_no, backup_payment_method_no

29005: The contact number provided is invalid for the specified account.

Associated Inputs: acct_contact_no, bill_contact_no, stmt_contact_no

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