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set_payment_responsibility_m Error Messages


The following error messages can be generated by set_payment_responsibility_m.

5076: Only child accounts can have parent-pay MPIs.

7038: A Billing Group is required for a Self-Pay Child Account's MPI.

14133: Self-pay MPI cannot be converted to parent-pay as it is currently in dunning or completed dunning without exiting.

Additional Comments: MPIs that are in dunning or have completed dunning without exiting successfully are not displayed, because they cannot be converted from self-pay to parent-pay while in this state. The MPIs that are in dunning are NNNNN, NNNNN, NNNNN, etc.

14134: Please apply outstanding manually applicable payments before modifying payment responsibility..

14135: The Responsible Master Plan Instance provided is queued for assignment and not allowed to be used for payment responsibility.

26010: Invalid billing group number

Associated Inputs: billing_group_no

26012: Invalid client-defined billing group ID.

Associated Inputs: client_billing_group_id

26048: The Responsible Master Plan Instance cannot be changed for this Parent-pay Master Plan Instance since it is in dunning or has completed dunning without exiting successfully as a result of an unpaid balance transfer.

29010: Invalid responsible account no

Associated Input: resp_acct_no

29011: Invalid responsible account user id

Associated Input: resp_acct_user_id

29012: Invalid responsible client account id

Associated Input: resp_client_acct_id

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