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create_cm_m Error Messages


The following error messages can be generated by create_cm_m.

3061: Unable to apply credit memo to a child invoice when parent pay responsibility is used.

3101: Allowed credit-ref-type are 0 or null for Invoice based CM and 1 or 2 or 3 for on-account CM.

Associated Inputs: credit_ref_type

3107: On-account credit memos are created with one Master Plan Instance each. Please re-submit with a single Master Plan Instance.

Associated Inputs: cm_line_items > [master_plan_instance_no, client_master_plan_instance_id]

29007: Missing Credit Memo Comments

Associated Input: cm_comments

29008: Invalid Supplemental Plan instance number

Associated Inputs: cm_line_items > [supp_plan_instance_no, client_supp_plan_instance_id]

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