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adjust_acct_plan_billing_dates_m Error Messages


The following error messages can be generated by adjust_acct_plan_billing_dates_m.

1001: unexpected error

1004: authentication error

Associated Inputs: auth_key, client_id, client_no

25020: Illegal characters entered

Associated Inputs: All character field inputs like firstname lastname, dunning_group_name, comments, etc.

14046: If you passed in an invalid plan_instance_no, this message will appear: "Invalid Plan instance number". If you passed in an invalid master_plan_instance_id, this message will appear: "Invalid master_plan_instance_id".

Associated Inputs: plan_instance_no, master_plan_instance_id, filter_plan_instance_no, percent_eval_plan_instance_no, client_plan_instance_id,

Additional Comments: The plan_instance_no or master_plan_instance_id must belong to the account, or it is invalid. The percent_eval_plan_instance_no must belong to the account and also to the MPI given in input.

14047: If you passed in an invalid client_plan_instance_id, this message will appear: "Invalid client Plan instance identifier". If you passed in an invalid client_master_plan_instance_id , this message will appear: "Invalid client_master_plan_instance_id".

Associated Inputs: client_plan_instance_id, client_master_plan_instance_id, client_percent_eval_plan_instance_id

14052: Missing maser Plan instance number/identifier

Associated Inputs: master_plan_instance_no, client_master_plan_instance_id

Additional Comments: Either mpi_no or cdid is required.

1039:  invalid action directive

Associated Inputs: action_directive

1024: invalid date format

Associated Inputs: bill_birthdate, birthdate, degrade_date, initial_credit_date, invoice_line_reversing_date, service_fulfillment_date, queue_date, start_bill_date, end_bill_date, start_date, end_date, stmt_birthdate, bill_birthdate

Additional Comments: All date inputs must be in yyyy-mm-dd format.

1103: Invalid adjustment days

Associated Inputs: adjustment_days

Additional Comments:  The number of days cannot be fractional.

1062: Missing required parameter: Adjustment Date

Associated Inputs: adjustment_date

1061: Missing required parameter Adjustment Days

Associated Inputs: adjustment_days

Additional Comments:  This is required when the action_directive equals 1 or 2.

1040: A maximum range of -27 to +27 days is permissible to be entered in the Adjust Days field.

Associated Inputs: adjustment_days, adjustment_date

1102: A maximum range of -99 to +27 days is permissible to be entered in the Adjust Days field

Associated Inputs: adjustment_days, adjustment_date


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